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What to Include in a Legal Demand Letter

When filing a personal injury lawsuit, you need to serve the defendant with a legal demand letter. This opens room for negotiation between the plaintiff and the defendant and notifies them of your claim. 

If the defendant is not willing to agree to an out-of-court settlement, then it is within your right to pursue the matter in a court of law. Apart from saving time and money, a legal demand letter does show your seriousness in seeking compensation for the pain and suffering felt. But what should you include? Here’s what you need to know.

Who Should Write a Demand Letter?

You can write the demand letter yourself, but you might expose yourself to some risks. This is because they might find flaws in your demand letter, which may cause unnecessary obstacles to your claim. The best approach is to let an experienced lawyer prepare the legal demand letter and send it to the defendant. 

That doesn’t mean you have no say in your demand letter. Your lawyer can review your letter with you, ensuring that all necessary information and details are included in your letter. They can also help ensure you get the demand letter to the correct parties, so there’s no delay in response for you. 

What Should Be Included in a Demand Letter?

Certain details need to be included in a demand letter. One important detail is the date and the recipient’s contact information. Other things to be included in the demand letter include:

  • The Agreement – You must state what you had initially agreed as compensation, the facts of the case or problem, and the solution.
  • Demand Payment – Let it be known the amount of money required as settlement and how much is due. Without specific numbers, it may be difficult to get the agreed-on settlement amount. 
  • Deadline for Repayment – You must set the deadline of your demand while at the same time giving a reasonable deadline for the demands to be met. This deadline can also help you avoid going over state time limits for suing. 
  • Your Contact Information – It is essential to include your email address, work mobile number, and signature. Without this information, it can be difficult for the defendant to contact you and potentially settle your case. 

Lastly, the demand letter must make it clear that you will not hesitate to take legal action if your demands are not met. This can motivate the at-fault party to take action and settle the case as soon as possible with you. 

Get in Touch With a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney

Sending out a demand letter without help can cause trouble. You may not have the tools or resources to write a proper demand letter. There are times when the plaintiff self-incriminates, and this compromises their case. 

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