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What To Do After a Car Accident in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Protect yourself at the scene and in the aftermath of a crash

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming and confusing. From dealing with injuries to communicating with insurance companies, there is a lot to manage. Knowing what steps to take is crucial to protecting your rights and ensuring a smooth recovery process. In this guide, we’ll outline the essential steps to take after a car accident in Palm Beach County so you know how to handle the situation effectively and confidently.

At The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, P.A. in Palm Beach Gardens, we understand the complexities and challenges crash victims face. With over 30 years of experience advocating for accident victims, Mr. Shomo and his team provide compassionate and effective legal guidance.

Steps to take after a car accident

1. Get To a Safe Location

Immediately after a car accident, move to a safe area away from traffic to prevent further harm. This step helps avoid additional collisions and ensures everyone’s safety while dealing with the aftermath of the accident.

2. Seek Prompt Medical Attention

Seek medical help promptly, even if the injuries seem minor. Some injuries, like whiplash or internal trauma, may not manifest symptoms right away but can worsen over time. By getting medical attention, you ensure proper documentation of any injuries sustained, which is crucial for insurance claims and legal purposes.

3. Contact Law Enforcement

Call the police to report the accident, especially if there are injuries or significant damage. A police report provides an official record of the incident, detailing the scene, witness statements, and any relevant information. This report serves as vital evidence for insurance claims and legal proceedings.

4. Take Pictures and Notes

Document everything you can. Take photos of the accident scene including the vehicles involved, damage, injuries, road conditions, and surrounding areas. Additionally, make written notes about the accident sequence while the details are fresh in your memory. These visual and written records help preserve crucial evidence for insurance claims and legal actions.

5. Speak With Witnesses

If there are witnesses to the accident, obtain their contact information and statements. Witness testimonies can corroborate your account of the incident and provide valuable evidence. Their statements help establish facts and support your case during insurance negotiations or legal proceedings.

7. Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

Consulting with a car accident attorney can help you better understand your legal rights and options. An attorney can offer guidance on navigating the claims process, negotiating with insurance companies, and pursuing the maximum compensation you deserve for your accident-related damages and injuries. Their expertise ensures you receive proper professional representation and support throughout the post-accident proceedings.

6. Let Your Lawyer Deal With The Insurance Company

It is important to remember that your lawyer is on your side, not the insurance company. Insurance companies are centered around maintaining their own profit margins, not giving you the funds you need to recover. As such, they may operate with predatory practices like lowballing your settlement offer and twisting your words to misrepresent you in an attempt to void your case. The best way to avoid that happening is to leave the communication to your lawyer.

You may speak with your own insurance company to provide basic details, but for lengthier conversations and more extensive reports, communicate with your lawyer first to make sure the information you share cannot be used against you later. It is your attorney’s job to support you throughout the entire settlement process, and that includes communication with insurers. This is especially true in terms of whether you should communicate with the at-fault party’s insurance provider. In that instance, it is strongly recommended that you avoid all communication and let your lawyer handle insurer interactions.

Again, they’re going to attempt to keep as much of their own money as possible by finding ways to diminish your case, and letting your lawyer engage with the other party’s insurance company instead of you makes that much harder for them to do.

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