How Long to Settle a Demand Letter in Florida?

If you have been thinking about filing a personal injury claim or have already started the process, one of the primary questions you’ll have will be how long after your demand letter you’ll have to wait to receive your settlement.

This is a legitimate question, and you shouldn’t feel bad about asking it. You’ve got medical and other expenses piling up, you’ve probably missed out on some work wages, and you need the money. Why should you continue to suffer financially for an accident caused by another person’s negligence?

In general, a settlement can take anywhere from two months to about a year to be reached, although an exact time estimate isn’t usually possible. After all parties have reached an agreement, you can expect to receive a check in two to six weeks time.

What Causes Delays in the Settlement Process?

Many things can delay a settlement agreement. Below is a general idea of some of the causes of delay during a settlement process:

  • The paperwork was not properly completed, causing it to be sent back to you.
  • You haven’t been available when insurance adjusters had questions.
  • The insurance adjusters have high caseloads and haven’t gotten to your case yet.
  • Is the evidence in your injury case weak?
  • Were there a lot of different parties involved?
  • Complex cases will require much more time to get through.
  • Do the adjusters believe you had more responsibility for your accident than you’re claiming?
  • Are you demanding a reasonable settlement amount?

Can I Speed Up the Settlement Process?

The best way to speed up the process on your end is to make sure you’ve done all that’s required of you. Here are a few other ways you could speed up the settlement process:

  • Return your attorney’s calls in a timely manner.
  • Complete all necessary medical visits.
  • Provide documentation to your attorney as soon as requested.
  • Gather all the evidence you have and provide it to your attorney.

Need Legal Help with a Personal Injury Case?

Now you have a basic idea of how long after a demand letter a settlement will take. Each case is unique; some cases will move fairly quickly, and others will move more slowly. It can depend on a lot of factors, such as the amount of evidence in your case, the insurance company’s caseload, and even the time of year.

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