Can I Receive a Settlement for My Catastrophic Injuries?

When you’ve suffered catastrophic injuries in an accident, the urgency of your situation may compel you or your family to take action. But you might wonder whether a settlement with the at-fault party is possible in your case. 

Catastrophic injuries can be life changing. Fortunately, filing a claim against the at-fault party can help you recover civil damages from the at-fault party in the case. Read on to discover how you can receive a settlement for your catastrophic injuries. For individualized help, reach out to a West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer

How to File a Claim for Catastrophic Injuries

Although suffering a serious injury can cause significant negative consequences in your life, the chance to recover damages in a civil suit may be an option for you or your family. 

When you suffer catastrophic injuries, seeking medical care is of the utmost importance. Not only will doing so potentially help you recover physically, but it will also ensure that the full extent of your injuries is witnessed by a medical professional and attested to in your medical record

These records can be examined by the at-fault party’s insurance company when they respond to your demand letter with a settlement offer. And although it may be tempting to take an initial offer, most personal injury settlement offers are a fraction of what is owed.  

An experienced attorney will closely review your case to ensure all responsible parties are served and to increase your odds of receiving a maximum settlement for your injuries. 

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