Lyft Accidents

Accidents with Lyft drivers are not like other car crashes. Make certain you get treated fairly by working with a Lyft car accident lawyer.

Ridesharing has become a common feature of the new modern economy. People choose to share a ride with Lyft drivers for a number of reasons: they don’t have a car, are avoiding driving while under the influence of alcohol, live in areas with limited taxi service, and so on.

But what happens when a driver for a rideshare company such as Lyft is involved in an accident?

If you’ve been hurt in a crash with a Lyft driver—either as a passenger, the driver of another vehicle, or a pedestrian—the right legal course can be difficult to determine. A Lyft car accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo can help get you the settlement you’re owed.

Filing a Claim

Because Lyft is a commercial transportation company, an accident involving a Lyft vehicle is not the same as an accident with a regular passenger vehicle. Lyft drivers carry hefty insurance policies of up to one million dollars per accident.

This only applies if the Lyft policy was in effect, however. Adding to the confusion is the fact that there are different policies that apply under different circumstances. Lyft’s most comprehensive policy is active when the driver either has a paying fare in the vehicle or has accepted a ride request and is en route to pick the person up.

Conversely, a less comprehensive contingent policy applies when the Lyft app’s “driver mode” is active but no ride request has been accepted. In this situation, you might first have to file a claim with the driver’s personal insurance.

Finally, if the driver is off-duty, then Lyft will not claim financial liability, so you’ll need to seek compensation from the other driver’s insurance company or the driver directly. Because ridesharing is a relatively new phenomenon, it can be difficult to navigate all of the legal issues surrounding it, especially after an accident. A Lyft accident lawyer can be an invaluable partner in getting you a full and fair settlement.

What’s My Lyft Accident Claim Worth?

A car accident of any kind is a traumatic experience. It may leave you physically incapacitated, traumatized, and with medical bills that keep coming. Regaining peace of mind can seem impossible.

While the results of your accident cannot be changed, we will review all aspects of your case and work to get you every penny you’re owed. A car accident attorney will take into account all hardships imposed by your accident, including any of the following that apply:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Lost wages and lost income-earning opportunity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical or emotional therapy
  • Pain and suffering

The days and weeks after a car crash can leave you reeling physically, emotionally, and financially, but you don’t have to go through them alone. We will work to get you a full settlement and restore your peace of mind and financial wellbeing.

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