Is Uber Liable for Its Drivers’ Negligence?

With the rise in ride-share technology, we’ve also witnessed an equal rise in accidents involving these drivers. When one of their drivers causes a car accident due to their own careless driving, who is responsible?

The answer to this question is: it depends. Drivers who were actively using the app when they caused an accident may be backed by Uber’s insurance coverage. In other cases, they may have to rely on personal insurance. Read on to discover whether Uber is liable for its drivers’ negligence. 

When Is Uber Liable for Its Drivers’ Negligence? 

Uber does, in fact, carry an insurance policy for its drivers. The instances in which it’s applicable depend on the driver’s status at the moment of the accident

  • If a driver is available and carrying a passenger – This is the situation in which Uber’s main insurance policy kicks in. The tech company’s $1 million coverage plan can be used to pay your damages, and is considered in excess of the driver’s personal policy. 
  • Other circumstances – If the driver is marked as available on the app but not carrying a passenger, a secondary policy kicks with lesser liability coverage. If the driver is using their vehicle with the app turned off, then Uber assumes no responsibility. 
  • Uninsured coverage – Uber also has a $1 million liability coverage policy if its driver is involved in an accident with another uninsured driver.

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