Is a Car Accident Settlement Taxable?

You’re likely already aware that filing a legal claim for your car accident could help you recover the economic damages you need. If you’re wondering if a car accident settlement is taxable, read on to learn about some primary concerns. 

Car Accident Settlement Tax Liability 

As the victim of a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you know that filing a claim for your injuries can help you recover damages. Depending on the damages in question, however, the overall tax liability related to your settlement with the at-fault party’s insurer could change. 

Some of the most common damages awarded in a car-accident settlement could include: 

  • Medical Expenses – These damages include expenses like hospital bills, ambulance costs, and other expenses related to medical care following your accident. In most cases, these damages are non-taxable, although having claimed a deduction on your last tax return could affect this. 
  • Lost Wages – When you’re injured in a car accident, you might be able to receive damages for lost wages from missed work. Because these are related to your income, these are generally considered taxable expenses. 
  • Pain and Suffering and Emotional Damages – Because the tax code makes no reference to pain and suffering, these should generally be considered tax-free damages. In addition, any costs of emotional therapy related to your accident would be considered medical expenses, and therefore not subject to taxation. 

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