Understanding Uber’s Insurance Policy

The convenience of ride-sharing apps like Uber is hard to beat. But one of the questions people often ask with respect to the popular service involves a worst-case scenario situation: What happens if an Uber I’m driving or riding in gets in a wreck?

Given the number of accidents that occur on Florida’s roads and highways each year, a car accident in an Uber or with an Uber driver is more than a remote possibility. Read on to learn about a few of the scenarios that can play out in an accident and how insurance coverage might work in each. A local car accident lawyer may be able to help with your Uber accident.

Who Pays for an Uber Accident?

Florida’s no-fault system for paying out compensatory damages for a car accident presupposes a set of conditions that must occur in order for someone else’s insurance to foot the bill in an accident. 

However, assuming your damages are significant enough to side-step the PIP system and file a claim directly, who pays for your damages in an Uber accident

Because Uber classifies its drivers as private contractors and not employees, it’s nearly impossible to sue the company directly for an accident. This worker classification shell game keeps Uber from being liable for its drivers’ negligence in most cases.

However, Uber does have a $1 million dollar blanket insurance plan that can pay for things like your medical bills and lost income in certain situations. 

For example:

  • You Suffer Injuries as a Passenger in an Uber Accident – If the app was on and the driver of your vehicle is at fault, the driver’s personal insurance, Uber insurance, or a combination of the two can be in play. 
  • An Uber Driver with the App On Is Responsible – If you get in an accident with an Uber driver who had their app on while transporting or picking up a passenger, both personal and Uber insurance could be involved. 
  • An Inactive Uber Driver Is Responsible – If you crash into someone who drives for Uber but has the app closed, then their personal insurance is likely to be the only one in play.

Filing an insurance claim after an accident can help you recover compensatory damages for things like medical bills, lost income, and emotional damages. If an active Uber driver with the app on was involved in your accident, an experienced attorney can help you fight for maximum compensation. 

Contact an Experienced Uber Accident Lawyer

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