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Neck and Back Injuries in Car Accidents

Back injuries can be severe complications that many people experience following a motor vehicle accident. The aftermath of suffering a spinal injury or other back injury can potentially disrupt your way of life forever. Not only do these injuries have the potential to ruin your physical and mental health, but your medical bills can also destroy your family and financial life.

If you’re suffering from back pain after experiencing a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you have the right to sue for compensation for your damages. By gathering evidence and reporting your back injury on time, you’ll increase your chances of having a successful car accident claim case. 

Gathering Evidence of Your Back Pain

You will need evidence that your back pain was the result of your car accident. The process of gathering evidence isn’t complicated, but you must understand what is valuable evidence. The sooner you obtain proof that your car accident was the result of the other party, the more time you and your car accident attorney have to develop your car accident claim case.

One of the first pieces of evidence you should obtain is your police report. Immediately after your car accident, you should’ve contacted the police and described your car accident. Having a copy of the police report is instrumental in proving the fault of the other party.

Arguably one of the most vital forms of evidence you should acquire is your medical report. Even if you’re not immediately hurt following your car accident, you should seek medical aid, regardless of your physical state. Receiving a medical examination can make the difference between obtaining compensation and losing your car accident claim case.

For example, some severe back and neck injuries, such as whiplash, may not impact your body until a much later date. If a medical professional can link your injuries to your initial car accident, you’ll be able to seek compensation for those damages. 

Statute of Limitations for Florida Car Accident Claims

You have four years from the day of your car accident to file your car accident claim. Letting this time lapse will void your chances of getting compensation for your damages. With the cost of damages for back injuries alone being high, you’ll need a way to cover the cost of your losses.

It’s easy to lose track of time in the aftermath of a car accident. While dealing with your injuries and other responsibilities, filing an accident claim may not be at the forefront of your mind. However, all of your pain and suffering will be meaningless if you allow the statute of limitations for your car accident claim to expire. 

On Seeing a Chiropractor for a Neck or Back Injury

You might have heard the local chiropractor get a bad rap, but the truth is these professionals can often help immensely with neck and back injuries tied to car accidents. Always speak with your regular doctor before getting a spinal adjustment from a chiropractor, but certainly consider chiropractic care if you have suffered a back or neck injury like whiplash.

As a bonus, seeing a chiropractor and getting treatment in the form of a spinal adjustment or some other intervention can serve as evidence of the severity of your injuries.

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