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Motor Vehicle Accident Hotspots in Palm Beach County, FL

If you spend time in Palm Beach County, Florida—as a motorist, a cyclist, or a pedestrian—you’re aware of how dangerous some local roads can be. But are particular stretches of road or specific intersections more dangerous than others? Some local institutions and West Palm Beach car accident lawyers have taken a look at the data and concluded that certain streets are, in fact, riskier.

Most Accident-Prone

A couple of years ago, the Palm Beach Post analyzed traffic safety data collected by the county and came up with a list of the ten most dangerous intersections, based on the number of accidents at each location in a one-year period (2014).

Some of these locations will come as no surprise to those familiar with the area; for example, topping the list was Okeechobee Boulevard at North Military Trail, with 141 crashes that year. A total of forty lanes of traffic cross there, and sometimes it starts to feel like a free-for-all. But there’s not a single intersection on the list that’s much of a surprise.

The Post broke the data down further and created “most dangerous” lists for seven localities. We weren’t surprised to learn that number three on the list for Palm Beach Gardens is the intersection of North Military Trail and Northlake Boulevard. Some of us drive a motor vehicle through there every day and could tell you some stories. But with “only” sixty-two crashes in 2014, it hardly compares to many of the others.

Many of these intersections are near each other—you can see one trouble spot from the next. And some are very concentrated—six of the ten worst in West Palm Beach, Florida, are along Okeechobee.

‘Worst’ Is a Moving Target

Of course, the “worst” streets and intersections change continuously from year to year. Some locations are perennially bad, but others move into the top slots due to a few extra crashes—or out thanks to a few small traffic safety improvements.

The rankings can also change based on how someone looks at the data; that list used the number of crashes, but a list built on the number of injuries or fatalities looks very different. Things also look different for those who are behind the wheel and those who aren’t.

Cyclists and Pedestrians Count, Too

The Palm Beach Metropolitan Planning Organization finalized a report in February that identified the areas of greatest risk for pedestrians and cyclists. Some of those areas weren’t even on the “worst” lists for drivers.

But there’s overlap: Okeechobee at Military Trail is the ninth worst intersection for pedestrians and cyclists, while one of the top-ten worst corridors runs east for two miles down Northlake.

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