How to Get an Accident Report in West Palm Beach

An auto accident can be serious and scary, and it can leave you with a lot of unanswered questions. After all, you’ll need to make reports to the police and your insurance company, and you may need to prepare for a car accident lawsuit if your insurance company won’t pay all your expenses.

When you’re dealing with a car accident in West Palm Beach, one of the most important things to know is how to get an accident report. Having a copy of your accident report can be useful for proving fault if you seek personal injury compensation.

Getting your accident report will be the first step toward settling your claim, and our attorneys can help you.

Filing Your Accident Report

To get your crash report, you’ll first need to make sure your report has been filed and that it’s available. These reports are made by the officer on the scene. This officer will inspect the scene and report on who appears to be at fault.

You will also file a driver report of the crash. This will be a simple questionnaire about your crash, which can help confirm the officer’s findings and act as a statement. Be sure to act quickly on this after a collision. The closer the report is to the accident, the clearer the details and evidence will be for the wreck.

Be sure to speak with a car accident attorney when filing, however. We can help make sure you don’t include self-incriminating evidence and that your report is as clear as possible. This can make the process easier for you going forward.

Getting a Copy of Your Report

Luckily, getting your copy of a West Palm Beach accident report is a simple process. You will need to purchase your report online, but while it can take about sixty days for a crash report to become public, you may access your report as the victim of the accident almost immediately.

To get your report, you’ll need to request a copy using your name and your report number or VIN number. Once you have these, it’s as simple as making any online purchase, and it will be sent to you.

If you’d also like a copy of your driver report, the process is just as simple. Once you fill out your report, you’ll be given the option to print the report or download it for your records. This report is free.

Questions? Reach Out to Us

Getting your accident report shouldn’t be hard. You’ll need the information for your records, your insurance, and for your claim if you decide to seek personal injury compensation. Whether you’re struggling with how to get an accident report in West Palm Beach or you’re ready to file your claim for damages, our firm can help.

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