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Car Accident in West Palm Beach: Three Reasons to Call a Lawyer

West Palm Beach is a congested area in Florida because tourists visit year-round for the warm weather. Larger cities such as Fort Lauderdale and Miami are also close by and cause traffic congestion. West Palm Beach car accidents happen frequently because of negligent drivers who speed, drive under the influence, change lanes suddenly or improperly, and text behind the wheel. 

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you may need a lawyer to assist you with obtaining a settlement. At The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, we’re familiar with Florida’s laws regarding insurance and car wrecks. A car accident lawyer from our team can negotiate on your behalf and maximize your claim in court.

If Your Personal Injury Protection Insurance Doesn’t Cover Your Damages

Florida is a no-fault insurance state, which means you must go through your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance before you can sue the negligent party in your car wreck. But, once your PIP insurance runs out, you can file a lawsuit if you still haven’t recovered the full amount of compensation for your damages.

Speaking to a lawyer as soon as your car accident occurs can be helpful because you can assess the value of your damages and determine whether your PIP insurance will be enough. If you talk to an attorney before reaching out to your insurance company, you can feel more prepared when moving forward with your claim.

If You Suffered Severe or Disfiguring Injuries

You can bypass your PIP insurance and sue the liable party for your car accident in Florida if you suffered severe or disfiguring injuries. After you get into a wreck, seek medical treatment immediately and then reach out to an attorney. Your attorney can assess your injuries and help you move forward with your case.

If You Need Help Proving Negligence

If you know that your car wreck will qualify for a lawsuit but you need help proving negligence against the at-fault party, seeking legal counsel is essential.

Attorneys are experienced with investigating car accidents and can gather evidence to support your claim in court. You may need the police report, photographs, video footage, or witness testimonies to prove to the judge and jury that you deserve compensation.

Your attorney can also help maximize your claim after proving negligence by accounting for all your damages. PIP insurance only accounts for economic damages such as medical expenses and lost wages, but in a car accident lawsuit, you can claim economic and non-economic damages. These damages may include property damages, pain and suffering, lost life enjoyment, and emotional distress.

Reach Out to a Qualified Car Accident Attorney

You may have questions about the legal process in Florida because no-fault insurance can make obtaining a settlement complicated. With the help of our team at The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, you can feel supported during your pursuit of justice. To speak with an experienced car accident lawyer, fill out the contact form below or call 561-659-6366 to schedule a free consultation.