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Underride accidents can result in catastrophic injuries and fatalities

Underride accidents involving tractor-trailers pose a significant risk of catastrophic injuries and fatalities. These truck accidents occur when a smaller vehicle becomes trapped beneath the rear or side of a tractor-trailer during a collision. Due to the immense size and weight disparity between commercial trucks and passenger cars, occupants of smaller vehicles are particularly vulnerable in such collisions.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an underride accident in Palm Beach County, Florida, it’s crucial to consult an experienced truck accident attorney for immediate legal assistance. The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, P.A., located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, has extensive experience in representing victims of underride accidents and other truck-related collisions in Palm Beach County.

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What is an underride accident?

An underride truck accident occurs when a smaller vehicle collides with the rear of a large truck and becomes trapped beneath its trailer. This type of accident is extremely hazardous because the top of the smaller vehicle can get crushed or sheared off by the trailer. As a result, occupants of smaller vehicles often suffer severe injuries or fatalities.

What are underride guards?

Underride guards are safety devices installed on the rear and sometimes the sides of large trucks and trailers. Their purpose is to prevent smaller vehicles from sliding underneath trucks in a rear-end collision. Federal regulations require certain types of trucks to be equipped with guards to enhance safety on the roads.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) currently only requires some trucks to have rear underride guard rails. There are no regulations for side guard rails.

Common causes of underride crashes

  • Driver error: Underride truck accidents can occur due to various errors made by truck drivers. These errors include sudden lane changes without signaling, inadequate following distance, or failure to check blind spots properly. Additionally, distracted driving, such as texting or using a phone while driving, can contribute to driver error and increase the likelihood of underride accidents.
  • Inexperienced trucker: If truck drivers are new and don’t have much experience, they might struggle to control their trucks safely. This lack of experience can make underride accidents more likely, especially in tricky driving situations or heavy traffic.
  • Illegally parked truck: Trucks parked illegally on the side of the road or in unsafe locations pose a significant hazard to passing motorists. If the truck is in an unexpected location, a smaller vehicle may fail to see it, leading to a collision with the rear and potentially crashing underneath the truck.
  • Ineffective lights: Poorly maintained or malfunctioning lights on the rear of a truck can make it difficult for following vehicles to see the truck, especially at night or in adverse weather conditions. Without proper illumination, smaller vehicles may not be able to judge the distance to the truck or not see it at all.
  • Lack of guards: Underride guards, also known as rear underride guards or rear impact guards, help prevent smaller vehicles from sliding underneath in a rear-end collision. However, if a truck does not have adequate underride guards or if they are improperly installed or maintained, it can contribute to the occurrence of underride accidents.

How can an underride accident attorney help?

Navigating the aftermath of an underride accident in Palm Beach County can be confusing and overwhelming, but an attorney can help you find your way forward. The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, P.A. has extensive experience in handling underride accident cases. Mr. Shomo and his team are well-versed in tactics insurance companies use in claims involving underride accidents and know how to fight back.

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