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Medical Malpractice Misdiagnosis/Delayed Diagnosis

Attorney Casey D. Shomo holds negligent doctors in Florida accountable

In healthcare, medical professionals are bound by a duty to adhere to a certain standard of care, which includes making accurate diagnoses based on the symptoms presented and the medical evidence available. However, when symptoms are ignored or misinterpreted, it can lead to misdiagnosis—where a patient receives an incorrect diagnosis for a condition they do not have—or delayed diagnosis, where the correct diagnosis is not identified quickly enough.

Such diagnostic errors can drastically affect a patient’s life, potentially resulting in extended periods of pain and suffering, undergoing unnecessary medical treatments, and facing avoidable complications. At The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, P.A., in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, we have decades of experience handling these types of medical malpractice claims with resolve and empathy.

Mr. Shomo’s case results include securing $2,050,000 for a client who suffered a spinal cord injury and paralysis due to a failure to timely refer for surgery, necessitating multiple spinal surgeries. Additionally, our law firm achieved a $1,851,000 settlement for the failure to diagnose and treat a pulmonary embolism, tragically resulting in death. These significant case results highlight the serious consequences of diagnostic errors and underscore Mr. Shomo’s commitment to holding negligent medical practitioners accountable for their actions.

“Casey was very helpful and clear with me about expectations. I valued his opinion and the direction he gave me in my pursuit of a malpractice case. I would recommend him highly.” – Melissa K.

Common types of misdiagnoses

Medical malpractice misdiagnosis is typically grouped into three distinct categories. Each category sheds light on different aspects of misdiagnosis and how they impact patient care:

  • False positive misdiagnosis: A condition is wrongly identified or diagnosed, leading to unnecessary treatments or surgeries.
  • False negative misdiagnosis: A medical professional fails to diagnose a condition that’s present, potentially allowing it to worsen over time.
  • Delayed diagnosis: A correct diagnosis is made, but it is later than it should have been, potentially resulting in the patient missing out on early treatment options.

Causes of misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis

Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis may be the last thing on your mind when prioritizing your health, but the fact is these cases of medical malpractice can happen to anyone. Some common scenarios of misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis cases include:


  • Failure to properly interpret diagnostic tests or imaging results.
  • Lack of thorough medical history.
  • Rushed or incomplete medical assessments due to time constraints.
  • Bias or preconceived notions affecting the diagnostic process.
  • Inadequate communication or miscommunication among healthcare providers.
  • Reaching a diagnosis based on initial impressions without considering other possible diagnoses.
  • Inaccurate documentation of patient symptoms or medical history.
  • Failure to follow up on abnormal test results.
  • Misinterpretation of symptoms or dismissal of patient concerns.

Delayed Diagnosis

  • Delay in ordering diagnostic tests or consultations with specialists.
  • Misdiagnosis of a less severe condition, leading to delayed treatment for the actual condition.
  • Patient’s symptoms being dismissed or downplayed by healthcare providers.
  • Delay in scheduling follow-up appointments or referrals to specialists.
  • Inadequate communication between healthcare providers about the urgency of the patient’s condition.
  • Failure to recognize or act on red flags indicating a serious medical condition.
  • Delay in obtaining medical records or test results necessary for diagnosis.
  • Limited access to healthcare resources or long wait times for appointments.
  • Inaccurate assessment of the severity of the patient’s symptoms by healthcare providers.

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