Is an Error of Omission Medical Malpractice?

Few people ever imagine that the negligent actions or inactions of a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional could be responsible for causing them harm. 

However, the mistakes that they make can leave you with serious injuries or harm. But is an error of omission automatically medical malpractice?

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What Is an Error of Omission?

Oftentimes, folks tend to think of most cases of medical malpractice as being caused by a doctor’s mistaken actions. 

For example, a doctor who prescribes the wrong medication could be found to have committed medical malpractice, in the same way that an anesthesiologist who administers an inadequate dose of anesthesia could, too. 

The above two mistakes could be described as errors of commission. However, a doctor’s, nurse’s, or medical professional’s inactions could also be ruinous and highly damaging. These errors could be more accurately described as errors of omission. 

Errors of omission occur when a doctor or other medical professional fails to act. These errors, depending on a variety of factors, could be considered medical malpractice.

How Medical Malpractice Is Determined

However, determining what does and does not constitute medical malpractice is a complex question. 

Medical professionals are expected to treat their patients with a level of care that reflects the profession’s best practices. When this standard of care drops considerably below what might be expected of someone in their position, it could be considered malpractice. 

In the context of errors of omission, some examples of malpractice can include:

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