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What to Expect When a Car Accident Claim Goes to Court

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Filing a vehicle crash claim isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. It requires investigating your accident, gathering proof needed to show that another party was responsible for your crash, and arguing your case. You’ll also need to prove the extent of your injuries and demonstrate that you weren’t the one who caused the collision.

This is all extremely difficult for you to do on your own, especially when you’re dealing with serious car crash injuries and likely some mental trauma. If you’re struggling to get a fair settlement after your auto crash, you may need to prepare yourself for the courtroom.

Going to Court for a Car Crash Case

Here’s what the court process is like for auto wreck claims in Florida:

File the Paperwork

The first step in taking your claim to court is to file the court paperwork. It’s imperative that you complete paperwork correctly and on time. If you fail to file your lawsuit within the statute of limitations, your case will be thrown out.

The statute of limitations for car crash cases in Florida is four years from the date of the accident.

Gather Your Evidence

One of the most important aspects of winning a vehicle crash court case is having the evidence to prove the fault of another driver or negligent party and the proof of your injuries. Examples of evidence you could use are medical documentation, crash scene reports and police reports, and videos and photos.

Present Your Case

Just like in any other court case, you will be required to present your evidence to the court. The more evidence you have and the better you are at proving your case, the more likely you are to win the compensation you deserve. Arguing a car accident case in court requires substantial experience, knowledge, and preparation.

The Court Will Deliberate

After you’ve finished presenting your case, the jury may need to deliberate, which means the jurors will review all of the evidence you’ve presented and then make a decision on your case. If they believe you’ve proven your case, they may decide to award you with monetary compensation for your car crash.

How much compensation you’ll be awarded will depend on the extent of your damages and whether any punitive damages are awarded.

Speak with a West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer

Going to court for a car accident claim may seem intimidating, but when you have a lawyer by your side, you won’t need to worry. Your attorney will prepare you for court so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

If you need assistance with your car crash claim, whether you’re currently negotiating with insurance companies or you’re preparing for court, call a car wreck attorney with our firm. The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo offers free claim assessments, so feel free to call us at 561-659-6366 or fill out the contact form below.