West Palm Beach Social Security Disability Lawyer

Although it would seem as if making a Social Security disability claim should be straightforward and easy thanks to the appropriate medical records and evidence, you could be wrong. In fact, so many people with valid Social Security disability claims struggle to get the support they need that it is usually best to begin the process with a consultation with an attorney.

Why the Struggle?

The entire Social Security disability process is quite long and complicated. You have to apply, and if you are denied, you must attend hearings that present your case for review. Unless you know all of the language and terminology associated with this matter, you may not be able to make a very good presentation when it is your turn to meet with the Social Security staff.

If you are declined, you have to do even more work to present at a reconsideration hearing and make a valid appeal. Everything from medical evidence and expert opinions are needed, and these may not be things you are capable of obtaining on your own or even with the help of friends. After all, you also need to have some sort of brief that will be presented to a judge, and then you need to be present and answer questions the judge might have about your appeal.

Are you prepared to do these things? Few people are, and yet it is what so often happens because people don’t get in touch with a Social Security disability attorney right from the start. It really is a matter of the “sooner the better”, and even before you fill out your first documents or file for disability, you should be working with your attorney.

Costs Versus Results

If you ask anyone familiar with the complexities of Social Security disability issues, most will agree that the costs of hiring an attorney are well worth the expense. Yes, they do get a percentage of any back pay that is awarded to you when you finally do receive an answer in the affirmative, but that is usually a very reasonable exchange for the amount of time they can save.

As an example, if you work with an attorney on your first application you may get an approval right from the start. This is because your attorney may know how to expedite your initial application if necessary. For example, you may have a terminal disease or illness, and your attorney will know how to make an OTR or on the record request from the judge. This is a way of obtaining benefits without a hearing, but it is not something that just anyone will know how to do with any sort of success.

How a Lawyer Helps Your Social Security Disability Claims

Just consider, “Social Security is more likely to approve an applicant who’s represented by legal counsel than one who isn’t.” (NOLO.com, 2015) This is because a skilled and experienced attorney is going to know how to really build a case that is in your favor. Not only will the attorney know how to show when your disability began but also knows how to discuss any associated conditions, and how to give the most relevant and effective information to the court.

It is incredibly difficult to know what to do when you are forced to file for Social Security disability benefits. It is even more difficult to know how to proceed if you are denied benefits. You can set the stage for the most successful application process by getting in touch with a qualified attorney right from the start. They will be able to go through the entire process with you, and help you make the smartest decisions.


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