Why You Need Mirena IUD Lawyers

When women rely on birth control or contraception, they usually want it to be dependable and safe. Few want it to be a permanent form of birth control, and because of this many (around 9% of women in the U.S. will depend on a device known as an IUD.

An intrauterine device, an IUD has long been known as a long term, and yet easily reversible method of preventing pregnancy. It is commonly chosen by those who don’t want to rely on daily oral contraceptives or other forms of birth control, and IUDs are often considered as safe as any other form of birth control. However, there have been some problems with certain types if IUD, and the type made by Bayer Pharmaceuticals, known as the Mirena IUD, is the focus of several personal injury lawsuits.

Negligence and Mirena

Why this particular IUD and not another? According to those who have made the legal claims, the IUD has dangerous side effects, and these make the product unreasonably dangerous and even defective. The justification for the lawsuits is simple – the manufacturer was aware of the severity of the side effects and risks, and yet went ahead and marketed it as a safe form of birth control. This has also led to claims of false or deceptive advertising in addition to the accusations of a defective product.

In fact, some statistics show that the Food and Drug Administration has received more than 40k reports of individual incidents ranging from expulsion of the device to live threatening hemorrhages. Additionally, the manufacturer itself has never been able to thoroughly document or explain the function of the device, and this has led many to pursue lawsuits because of the complications that the device has caused.

Just consider that some women have experienced ectopic pregnancies (which can lead to death), PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), puncture and perforation injuries, and more.

Should You File?

Do you feel that a Mirena IUD has caused you serious injury? The complaints against the manufacturer tend to be based on the fact that the labeling of the product fails to warn patients and physicians about the risks of using it. Just consider some of the reasons behind current lawsuits:

  • No warning about possible device migration.
  • Listed serious complications as uncommon.
  • Used deceptive marketing.
  • Did not give adequate instructions.
  • Overstated benefits.
  • Designed and knowingly sold defective product.

That list represents only a few of the claims, and any woman who experienced any complications after having the Mirena IUD inserted should speak to an attorney. Not only is there the option for filing to receive compensation for the medical expenses related to the incident, but there is also pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

Naturally, you won’t do this on your own and will have to work directly with a qualified attorney in order to get the best outcome.

Work With a Liability Lawyer

You will want to speak with a lawyer or law firm that has experience with product liability cases, and even see if they are currently offering up Mirena IUD lawyers in their firm. There have been many successful claims against this manufacturer, but none of them are simple.

Some women have experienced horrible medical suffering when the device migrated to another area of the body, and yet as they go to court they will still need medical experts to argue their case. This is the sort of work that an attorney should handle. Get in touch with a liability lawyer to review your Mirena IUD case. You may be able to receive compensation for the medical bills, pain, suffering, and damages that the negligence of the manufacturer has caused.


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