West Palm Beach Helicopter Accident Lawyer

While looking for a helicopter attorney might seem a bit over the top when it comes to finding a specialist, the truth is there are far more helicopter accidents than most people realize throughout a year. Having a helicopter accident attorney is a critical step for any survivors to get compensation for any negligence that may have taken place. The same is true for the families of victims of these accidents. If a tragic death could have been prevented then there might be a civil case available.

Why Go With a Helicopter Accident Attorney?

How do you determine liability in a helicopter accident case? This is a difficult question, especially since it’s not always easy to figure out what the cause of the crash was. Even if an obvious or likely cause is determined, is there actually any negligence involved? A helicopter crash is a tragedy in and of itself, but that alone does not account for negligence in the legal term. Beyond this, often times taking on someone who could be legally responsible for negligence could mean taking on a large corporation or even several of them.

This isn’t the type of case you want to hand over to an inexperienced attorney. Your legal representation will need to know a lot about helicopters, about what situations might constitute negligence and which don’t, and they need to be able to potentially stand up against other equally capable lawyers that those being sued will be able to come up with for defense.

Who Is Responsible?

Determining negligence can fall on several different potential groups, and a lot depends on what happened to cause the helicopter accident. If it’s pilot error, there might not be any grounds for a case – unless that pilot had a history of alcohol and drug use or erratic behavior, then the helicopter tour company employing him could be found liable in certain circumstances. This isn’t the only case, but as 8 News Now points out, sometimes the providers are held responsible in lawsuits.

On the other hand, if it appears that certain parts malfunctioned in a way that goes above and beyond maintenance issues, the companies who produced those specific parts might be considered a responsible party.

Can the Air Force Be Sued?

Sometimes the accidents happen with the military. This happens in combat, and sometimes it happens during training or even during times when you wouldn’t think there would be any potential issues.

Under certain circumstances, the Air Force and other branches of the military can be found responsible in a helicopter accident. The Andreini family’s suit against the Air Force is one such example, according to the Aviation Law Monitor. Although not a helicopter case, the assumption of negligence on the part of the Air Force is enough to give the go ahead in that case.

Having lawsuits during combat duty is a much rarer thing and usually requires an extraordinary situation. One such situation that does stick out is the Washington Post’s story on a lawsuit that alleges a cover-up by the Army to intentionally hide that defective helicopter parts had a direct impact on fatal crashes. This still needs to be proved in court and remains an allegation until proven otherwise, but in heightened circumstances such as this, it is possible to bring a lawsuit against the military in civil court.

In Summary

A quality helicopter accident attorney understands the unique nature of these cases and the extra work that must be taken to establish negligence in civil court. Sometimes a special case requires a special type of attorney and helicopter accident cases are a prime example of that.