What is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

Determining the Value of a Personal Injury Claim

One of the most important steps in filing a personal injury claim is to determine what your claim is worth. Determining the value of your claim can be a very involved and complex process. Having the right legal representation can mean the difference between your injury-related expenses being fully covered and you having to pay for them out-of-pocket. Our West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer, Casey D. Shomo, has a unique perspective with injury claims as he is a former defense attorney for a large insurance firm.

By using his expertise, and the knowledge and experiences amassed by our entire firm, we can greatly improve your chances of obtaining the maximum in compensatory damages. Our firm has a reputation in the West Palm Beach area and beyond, for our ability to recover million and multi-million dollar settlements on behalf of our clients. Make no mistake that insurance companies engage in various strategies to get to agree to the lowest possible settlement. Corporate entities do not personally care about the extensive medical expenses you have incurred as a result of your injuries, nor are they concerned with your loss of work or with the ongoing treatments you will require to fully recover from your injuries.

Their primary concern is profitability. Our firm does care. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with one-on-one personalized service and we are committed to handling every aspect of your case from beginning through to resolution. Whether you were injured in a car accident, a boating accident, a slip & fall accident, you experienced a severe dog bite, or you or your loved one sustained catastrophic injuries, a skilled injury attorney from our firm will be able to assess your case and advise you on the value of your claim.

Helping You Maximize Your Financial Recovery

To accurately determine the value of your case, and to help you seek full compensation for your injuries, our firm will use our extensive resources including obtaining testimonies from various medical professionals, mental health professionals, accident analysis experts and others. This type of testimony can be essential, as expert witnesses lend credibility as to the validity of your case and extent of your injuries. To get help determining the true value of your claim, contact the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, P.A. today.