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A catastrophic injury can rob you of your independence, your ability to work, and the life you had prior to your accident. When someone else was at fault for what happened to you, these life-altering changes can come with a tremendous sense of injustice.

Fortunately, the civil tort system provides a way for you to seek justice for your damages and losses. When the negligence of another led to your injuries, you have the option to file a personal injury claim demanding compensation for your financial expenses and the emotional hardship of what you’ve experienced.

Getting the financial settlement that you’re entitled to won’t happen without resistance, however, as the responsible party or their insurance won’t be eager to accept liability or pay you what you’re owed. A West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo can ensure that the other side takes your claim seriously and give you the best possible chance for a positive resolution to your case.

Investigating Who Caused Your Catastrophic Injury

In order to seek compensation, it will first be necessary to determine who was at fault for your accident and prove their liability. You’ll be able to maximize the amount you receive in your financial award by identifying everyone who played a role in what happened and naming them in your demand letter.

Your West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer will be able to conduct this investigation on your behalf, regardless of what type of accident you were hurt in:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents – From car crashes to industrial truck accidents to motorcycle wrecks, many different parties can be at fault. This includes the other driver, a parts manufacturer, a passenger, and even a government entity that failed to properly maintain the roads.
  • Medical MalpracticeIf your injury or illness was caused by a negligent healthcare provider, you can—and should—hold them accountable. This includes doctors, nurses, hospitals, dentists, pharmacists, and more.
  • Premises Liability Anytime a property owner allows a hazard on the grounds to go unaddressed and visitors get injured because of it, he or she becomes financially liable for the resulting injuries. Whether it was a dog bite or a slip-and-fall, you’re justified in seeking a settlement.
  • Defective Products – Companies and corporations have an unfortunate habit of prioritizing profits over consumer safety. Whether your injury was caused by defective medication or an exploding appliance, you can get compensated and prevent others from being injured at the same time.

Special Considerations in Personal Injury Cases

There are two different elements that bear special consideration: how much time you have in which to file and what being partially responsible will mean for your case.

To answer the first concern, Florida provides a statute of limitations of four years for personal injury claims. This might sound like a lot of time, but the sooner a West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer from our firm can begin investigating, the easier it will be to collect the necessary evidence and witness testimony to prove your claim. Additionally, if you wait to file until after four years have passed from the date of your injury, odds become very high that your case will be dismissed without being heard.

Concerning partial responsibility, Florida is more generous than many other states: As long as someone else bore some level of responsibility for the accident, you can seek compensation. Negligence will be assigned to all involved parties in percentages determined by the arguments presented.

You could be 90 percent at fault and still seek compensation, but your settlement will be reduced by this same percentage. This means that you could be awarded $100,000 but would only receive $10,000. This makes it incredibly important to have an attorney on your side who can mitigate the amount of fault you receive.

Personal Injury Types and Compensation

Once fault has been established, your West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer will need to assess the value of your claim. The other side’s attorney or insurer is likely to make you a settlement offer at some point, but the only way to know if it’s fair is by knowing what your claim is worth ahead of time. Accepting a lowball settlement would be disastrous, as it would leave you paying out of pocket for injury-related expenses down the road.

Some injuries will have a greater impact on your finances and quality of life than others, but any serious injury can justify compensation:

Fair Compensation for Your Injury-Related Damages and Losses

You can seek a settlement to cover any financial expenses or non-economic losses caused by your catastrophic injury. By working closely with your doctor and West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer, it will be possible to arrive at an accurate assessment of what your recovery will cost, how your quality of life will be affected, and how long your injury will affect you for.

A large portion of your financial damages will consist of medical bills, but it’s important to make certain that your future expenses are accounted for, as well. Any lost wages or earning potential will also need to be included, as will property damage, therapy costs, transportation expenses, and any other loss caused by the accident that has a direct financial value.

However, your settlement won’t be comprehensive if it doesn’t also factor in how your standard of living has been affected, something represented by your non-economic damages. Pain and suffering, emotional distress, disfigurement, loss of consortium, and lost enjoyment of life are all common examples.

West Palm Beach Personal Injury FAQ

It’s inevitable that you’ll have many questions after suffering a serious injury. In this section, we’ve answered a few of the most common queries, but if you’d like more information, please contact our office to speak with a West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer.

What is loss of consortium?

Loss of consortium refers to the damage your injury or accident does to your personal relationships—especially your marriage. It includes both lost companionship and lost sexual function.

What is a deposition?

Depositions are an important part of the discovery process used to collect evidence to include in your case. When someone is deposed, he or she must answer questions while under oath. This can be used to determine what someone was doing right before the accident, for example.

What are punitive damages?

Punitive damages are awarded to punish the at-fault party for either malicious conduct or truly egregious negligence. As the victim of these actions, you will be the beneficiary.

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