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Your loved one deserves justice if he or she has suffered abuse or neglect because of a negligent caregiving facility. You can get help filing your claim by working with a West Palm Beach bed sore attorney.

Patients in hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities should be treated with dignity and care. They often suffer from very limited mobility, which forces them to spend long periods in the same position, often sitting in a wheelchair or lying on a bed. Over time, this creates sores. Bedsores are lesions, or ulcers as the medical community describes them, and they can be very dangerous, particularly for elderly patients.

So what can you do if you discover your elderly loved one is being mistreated? You can file a personal injury claim against an abuser or a nursing home facility. Your loved one deserves justice and compensation for the negative impact this neglect has caused in his or her life.

Get in touch with a West Palm Beach bedsore lawyer for help as you move forward with your claim.

What Causes Bed Sores?

Pressure ulcers, or bed sores, are caused by the skin’s constant contact with another surface. These types of injuries occur mostly in those with extremely limited mobility—people confined to a bed or wheelchair. Bed sores can be prevented, though, so your elderly family member should not be getting them.

Carefully turning patients on a regular basis and changing the position of where their skin comes into contact with a bed or other surface can prevent pressure ulcers from forming. When caregivers fail to change a patient’s position regularly, bed sores are the result.

There are many other ways your loved one could be neglected in a nursing home. If you feel like your family member has been mistreated, seek help from a bed sore lawyer in West Palm Beach.

The Threat of Bedsores

Bedsores are dangerous. They can easily become infected, and that infection can spread very quickly to other parts of the body or even enter the bloodstream. In time, they can deepen to the point that the bone can be seen. These can be lethal.

Proper Treatment for Bedsores

Bedsores can be easily prevented with the right care, which makes their prevalence such a devastating thing. In fact, there are existing federal regulations that mandate bedsores be prevented, treated and cared for by hospital staff, nursing home staff and workers in long-term care facilities. Individuals at risk for developing bedsores must be identified and an effective prevention plan put in place. Monitoring of these patients is also essential. They should be frequently examined, turned and cleaned to help prevent bedsore formation.

Bedsore Treatment

There are four stages of bedsores, ranging in severity from 1 on the low end to 4 on the extreme end. Stages 1 and 2 can generally be healed with conservative treatment, including frequently turning the patient, cleaning the area and other conventional treatments that may include the use of topical medications and bandages. Stage 3 bedsores generally need more serious treatments, including debridement to remove dead and infected material. Stage 4 bedsores must be treated with surgery, using skin grafts to replace the necrotic tissue. Recovery from more invasive treatments is long, arduous and complicated.

In the end, bedsores can be prevented with active care, the right staffing and the right methods. However, too many hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities are understaffed, or fail to realize the importance of prevention and correct treatment before the sores escalate to a serious point. If you or a loved one has suffered from bedsores, you may need to speak with bedsore lawyer to determine if you have a negligence case.

Bedsores can be a sign of a deeper problem as well. For instance, they can indicate that the patient is suffering from more than a lack of attentive medical care – it may indicate severe, prolonged dehydration, malnutrition and more.

Compensation for Bed Sores Caused by Nursing Home Neglect

When an elder has been neglected in a caregiving facility, you can seek compensation by filing an injury claim. Claims can be difficult to prove and require extensive investigation, evidence gathering, and an ability to negotiate with the other side. If this doesn’t sound like something you want to tackle on your own, a West Palm Beach pressure ulcer lawyer can help.

Your lawyer will see to it that you are compensated for all of the monetary losses you and your loved one have faced, as well as for the pain and suffering your loved one was forced to endure.

Below are a few common damages listed in injury claims involving pressure sores or other signs of elder abuse:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Mental anguish
  • Mental health treatment
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Cost of making alternative care arrangements

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