Can I Sue a Nursing Home for Neglect in Florida?

When putting your elderly loved one in a Florida nursing home, you likely hope they’ll receive a great amount of attention and the care they deserve. Nursing homes are expensive, and the caregivers who work there have a specific job to do. When caregivers at nursing homes neglect their patients, their negligent behavior can lead to injury, illness, and even untimely death.

If your elderly loved one passed away or suffered an injury, illness, or emotional damage because they were neglected at a nursing home, then you can take legal action. A West Palm Beach nursing home abuse lawyer from The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo can gather evidence from your case to go after a settlement for your family.

Signs of Neglect in Florida Nursing Homes

It can be hard to determine when your loved one is being neglected at their nursing home in West Palm Beach because they may not come forward about their mistreatment. Neglect can lead to severe emotional trauma and shame, so it’s important to take the initiative to look out for signs of neglect and take action when you believe neglect is occurring.

If your loved one’s illnesses progress, their behavior changes, their hygiene worsens, or they develop bedsores, as a few examples, then neglect may be a cause. Don’t just wonder—investigate with a nursing home abuse lawyer’s help.

Proving Abuse or Neglect Occurred at a Nursing Home in Florida

To prove nursing home abuse or neglect is occurring, you can gather witness statements, video footage, or medical records, among other types of evidence. 

You may be able to pinpoint a specific caregiver as the culprit, but even in these cases, the nursing home will likely be liable, too. They hired the negligent employee, after all. By suing the nursing home, you can recover compensation for your loved one’s economic and non-economic damages

Consult a West Palm Beach Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

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