Wrong Medication Given by Pharmacy: What to Do

Nearly all people in this country fill a prescription at a local pharmacy at one point or another in their lives. When you go to fill your prescription, you trust the pharmacy to give you the correct medication. But what happens if you’re given the wrong medication? You could be seriously injured, become dangerously ill, or even die.

Here’s what to do when the wrong medication was given to you by a pharmacy.

Protect Yourself

Ultimately, it’s your life and health on the line, so you should inspect every medication given to you. If possible, look up the medication, the side effects, and the correct dosages yourself.

If you find that you have been given an incorrect prescription, don’t take the medication, and immediately speak with the pharmacist.

If you’ve already taken the medication, you should call your doctor right away. If you feel you’re suffering ill effects from taking the medication, seek emergency medical assistance.

Preventing Medication Issues in the Future

Why do these errors occur? It could be that the doctor incorrectly prescribed the medication; it could be that the doctor failed to take into consideration your allergies; it could be simple negligence on the part of the pharmacist.

If you’ve been seriously harmed by prescription medication because of a medical provider or pharmacy’s mistake, you can file an injury claim. Not only will an injury claim compensate you for your suffering and monetary losses, but a claim could also keep these types of medication errors from continuing to occur and harming others.

Contact a Medical Negligence Attorney

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