West Palm Beach Nursing Error Lawyer

Medical Malpractice Claims: Nurse Errors

Nurses shoulder the majority of patient care in hospitals, and as such have more contact with patients than physicians. Nurses are entrusted to carry out doctors instructions, administer medication, insert IV lines and communicate between doctor and patient when needed. Nurses are professionals and are required to conform to a standard of care as are all medical care providers. Additionally, nurses are becoming more specialized in their training, which has changed the nurse/patient relationship over time. Nurses are allowed to administer drugs and perform procedures that were the domain of physicians in the past.

Hospitals care for hundreds of patients at a time and despite implementing protocols for activities such as administering medication and monitoring life support equipment, errors do occur. If you have been injured by a nursing error, you have a right to pursue compensation for any damages or losses incurred. An experienced West Palm Beach malpractice attorney is critical to winning a nursing error malpractice lawsuit. Our professional team at the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, P.A. has ample experience, and has achieved great success in recovering high value settlements in medical malpractice claims. Read our recent cases for examples of our work for the injured.

Types of Nursing Errors

Some common nursing errors that result in injuries include:

  • Incorrectly administering medication;
  • Failing to monitor patients and/or life support equipment;
  • Failing to record administered drugs on a patient chart causing double dosing;
  • Improperly caring for bedridden patients causing formation of bedsores;
  • Improper insertion of IV lines resulting in nerve damage;
  • Failing to contact the patient’s doctor when needed;
  • Ignoring patient calls for help.

How do I file a nursing error case?

As in all malpractice cases, negligence must be proven, and you must have suffered significant damages. This is a matter of showing that the nursing professional did not provide you with the standard of care that is accepted in the nursing field. Contact us today to arrange an initial consultation with our West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer. He is a member of the prestigious Million Dollar Advocates Forum®, and Multi Million Dollar Advocates Forum® and his entire firm is committed to providing the highest quality service on a one-one-one, personal basis.