West Palm Beach Anesthesia Error Lawyer

Medical Malpractice Lawyer for Anesthesia Errors

Modern anesthesia has contributed to increase life expectancy. We can undergo radical surgical interventions that can open a clogged artery or remove a brain tumor without dying from the shock of surgery. There have been major advances in this area of medicine over the past hundred years. In some cases, there is a tragic anesthetic error, leading to catastrophic injuries or death.

Our West Palm Beach law firm, the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, P.A. is often called upon to serve as counsel in cases of medical malpractice, including cases of surgical anesthetic errors. We can help you seek justice and pursue compensatory damages from a negligent doctor if you have reason to believe you or your loved one was injured or died due to an error by an anesthesiologist.

Have been injured because of anesthesia errors?

Errors can be made in the quantity of drug administered, or failing to do a proper pre-operative interview to detect underlying conditions. The anesthesiologist must closely monitor oxygen levels to prevent brain injury or paralysis. If this monitoring is neglected, it can result in a permanent vegetative state or other severe condition. A more disturbing error is under administering anesthetic which results in a condition called anesthesia awareness. The patient regains consciousness during the procedure but is unable to communicate this fact. This can result in insomnia and other trauma related to the experience.

Surgical Anesthesia Malpractice

Due to the nature of anesthesia, if things go wrong during a surgery, usually the patient (or his/her family) are unaware it has taken place unless there are subsequent complications or death. Some symptoms of anesthesia malpractice are seizures, persistent numbness, loss of heart function, heart arrhythmias, brain injuries and death. If you suspect, or are certain that you have been the victim of an anesthetic error, contact us and arrange a no charge initial consultation.