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Injury Claims Filed Under Maritime Law

Have you been injured while working on a ship, oil rig, or a cruise ship? Did you injury take place while working on a dock or wharf? Have you had a slip-and-fall accident as a passenger on a cruise ship? If so, the law governing responsibility and compensation for these injuries is contained within the highly complex branch of the law known as Admiralty Law or Maritime Law. Fortunately, our West Palm Beach maritime accident lawyer is well-equipped to help.

Have you been injured on a cruise ship?

Admiralty Law has its roots in ancient times when rivers and oceans were the super highways of the day. Sailors eventually earned the right of ‘cure and maintenance’ while employed on the vessel and the owners were obliged to provide medical ‘cures’ until sailors were able to maintain themselves. Currently there is still a large body of law specifically regulating injury, illness and death while working on a vessel, outlining the responsibilities of owners. While this law has been modified to fit modern times, these cases must be professionally litigated by a skilled lawyer, if you hope to succeed. The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, P.A has successfully represented many clients in this specialized area of maritime law throughout Florida.

Maritime Law Injury Claims

Maritime law is applied in specific injury cases. For example, if you work on a vessel at sea or docked, you are protected under the Jones Act. If you are a longshoreman or a harbor worker and are not classed as a ‘seaman’, you are protected under the Longshoreman and Harbor Workers Act. The window in which a lawsuit can be initiated under these laws is short, with a statute of limitations of 3 years from the time of the injury. If you are a victim of cruise ship negligence as a passenger, there may only be a 6 month period of time for filing a claim, due to limitations in the fine print on your cruise ticket. Our firm pursues full compensation for cruise ship injuries, and work-related injuries incurred in this environment.

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