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West Palm Beach Car Accident Leaves Five Injured

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A five car accident involving injuries to all drivers in West Palm Beach, Florida has incredibly resulted in not resulted in any fatalities, with medical professionals expecting all those involved to survive. The scene of the accident, on Congress Avenue in front of the Palm Beach Kennel Club, became a dramatic rescue effort by Palm Beach emergency responders, who were forced to address the relatively uncommon quintuple car accident scene during an otherwise uneventful Wednesday afternoon. First responders to the emergency services calls made from 1100 North Congress by other drivers and bystanders left officials reaching the scene unclear as to the number of vehicles involved in the accident, let alone the number or nature of injuries to drivers and an unknown number of potential passengers. Initial responders from Palm Beach County Fire and Rescue quickly discerned the severity of the situation, as officials surveying the scene of the accident found five vehicles strewn across the entire intersection of the eastbound section of Congress Avenue and the northbound section of Old Congress. More disconcertingly, emergency response teams learned that multiple occupants would require extraction via the Jaws of Life.

Fire and Rescue crews from across Palm Beach County descended upon the Kennel Club parking lot, with law enforcement closing off Congress Avenue at Old Congress for the remainder of the afternoon. Fortunately in the aftermath, the multi-car collision causing injuries did not result in any deaths to passengers or drivers, however, officials did transport at least five individuals from multiple different vehicles to local Palm Beach County hospitals for treatment of injuries sustained in the collision. Ample witnesses either saw or heard the chain collision accident as it was occurring, as the crash was sufficiently close to the Kennel Club parking that one vehicle actually clipped the property fence of the dog track, ultimately coming to rest while apparently on fire underneath the hood of the driver’s. Ultimately, witnesses reported that all passengers and drivers emerged conscious from the wrecked vehicles, with three child passengers emerging from at least one car involved in the accident.

At this time, officials have not officially determined a cause of the accident. However, in the state of Florida, drivers should be aware that contributory fault statutes, or partial fault in a given car accident under Florida’s jurisdiction, do not bar driver’s from filing suit or recovering both economic and non-economic damages from other responsible parties. Finally, individuals assigned some degree of comparative fault as a plaintiffs are statutorily required to reduce their damages recovery from defendants proportionally. For more information about these and other relevant aspects to Florida car accident, tort, and negligence laws, consult with an attorney.