What Should I Tell the Insurance Company About My Car Accident?

When you’ve been seriously injured in a vehicle collision, a very important question you should be asking yourself is this: What should I tell the insurance company about my car accident? It’s good for you to be cautious because what you say can and will be used against you to lower the value of your personal injury claim.

Important Things to Tell Your Insurer

In Florida, you can file a personal injury claim for a vehicle wreck as long as your injuries meet the serious injury threshold and you’ve suffered damages from your accident. Here are some things to tell your insurer that won’t risk your potential compensation:

Your Contact Information

You should definitely call your insurer after a collision and give important information about yourself. Give your name, contact information, and policy information, and identify which of your vehicles was involved in the crash.

Who Was Involved in the Accident

You should also identify the other involved parties. Include as much information about them as you can, such as the vehicle information of the other drivers, their insurance information, and their names and contact information.

The Location of the Accident

Tell your insurer where the accident occurred—give general information, such as what intersection the crash happened near. Just be careful not to get too specific about what happened.

Your Attorney’s Information

Definitely give your insurance company the name and contact information of your attorney. Your attorney can speak to the insurance companies on your behalf.

What Not to Tell Your Insurance Company About Your Car Accident

The most important thing when speaking with your insurance company is not to get into the specifics of what happened. The insurance company will ask you for details, but don’t give them any. They’ll be looking for any reason not to compensate you.

Just say you were involved in an accident, and tell them they can speak with your attorney about it.

Legal Representation for a Serious Vehicle Collision

After a serious car crash, you need to ask yourself what you should and shouldn’t tell the insurance company about your crash. What you say could affect the amount of compensation you’ll receive for your serious injuries.

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