West Palm Beach Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Rideshare services are convenient forms of public transportation that allow you to call a ride to your location at any moment. However, rideshare services, like all other forms of transportation, can also be potentially dangerous for passengers. If your experience resulted in damages to yourself, contact one of our West Palm Beach rideshare accident attorneys for information on obtaining compensation.

West Palm Beach rideshare services may have transformed public transportation, but there are always risks while using a rideshare service. Like any other driver, your rideshare driver could be prone to distracted driving and reckless driving. Behaviors such as these can cause you to experience a life-threatening car accident injury like a traumatic brain injury.

Even after your West Palm Beach rideshare car accident, receiving compensation for your damages is not an easy task. Many rideshare insurance companies have complicated rules and regulations meant to protect themselves from fault. 

However, rideshare companies are not immune to liability for your damages. Reaching out to a West Palm Beach rideshare car accident lawyer will allow you to learn more information about obtaining compensation for your injuries

Risks of Using West Palm Beach Rideshare Services

Some rideshare services have relatively low standards when hiring their drivers. Nearly anyone with a working car and license is suitable to drive for most rideshare services. Even more disturbing is that the background checks for some West Palm Beach rideshare services aren’t thorough, and there’s a chance of careless or even dangerous individuals working as drivers.

How does the information above impact you? Because nearly anyone can obtain a position as a rideshare driver, you’re vulnerable to hiring and being hurt by a reckless driver. West Palm Beach drivers who talk on the phone, speed, or even eat while driving have the potential of causing a rideshare accident. 

You’re at the mercy of their carelessness, and there’s little to nothing you can do while you’re a passenger. 

Seeking Compensation from West Palm Beach Rideshare Services

The process of obtaining compensation for your rideshare accident can be very complicated. Most rideshare companies view their drivers as contract workers instead of employees and may attempt to distance themselves from any irresponsible actions that their drivers commit. 

Luckily, most rideshare companies have a significant insurance policy that starts from the moment you enter a vehicle and ends when you exit. Most rideshare services prefer to settle any accident claims immediately to avoid any severe lawsuits. 

However, depending on the severity of your damages, the settlement offered by a rideshare service may not be sufficient enough for your pain and suffering in West Palm Beach. 

Reach Out to a West Palm Beach Rideshare Accident Attorney

Rideshare services aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They’ve become essential parts of the lives of many people, and their impact continues to grow on our culture. Regardless, the rideshare industry must face accountability for any injuries or other damages that people suffer while using their services. 

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