West Palm Beach Drunk Driving Car Accident Lawyer

Serious Injury or Fatalities: Drunk Drivers

At the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, P.A., we represent the injured and families of the deceased in cases involving drunk driving accidents. Our founding West Palm Beach personal injury attorney, Casey D. Shomo, formerly worked as a defense lawyer for a large insurance firm. Through this experience, has an uncommon level of insight into the process and how to be successful in filing an injury claim. As there are frequently very serious injuries or loss of life due to the negligent actions of drunk drivers, our firm has taken on the duty of protecting the rights of the injured.

Drunk Driving Accidents – We Fight for Justice

Our firm is highly respected for its accomplishments over the years, and the many multi-million dollar settlements we have achieved. Unfortunately, although we are proud of our many successes, we know only too well the devastation to families after a drunk driver has taken to the road. There is truly no monetary award that could ever balance the loss of loved one, or make up for permanent disabilities. The one advantage is that the injured party, or the family, will not have financial concerns. A seriously injured person, when we negotiate a settlement or achieve a positive verdict, can then afford to have access to the best doctors and treatments.

The risk of very serious injuries or death is extremely high when an intoxicated driver is behind the wheel. Speeding, wrong-way driving, swerving and running lights and other types of car accidents are common. The statistics for drunk drivers indicate that there are a high percentage of fatalities associated with this crime. If you or a loved one has been a victim of a criminally negligent driver, it is important to pursue justice. At our firm, we believe you should recover the maximum possible. Our West Palm Beach car accident lawyer fights for every form of compensation, and he is ready to serve you immediately.

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