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West Palm Beach Car Accident Brain Injury Lawyer

A car accident can upend your life. Even after a minor accident, you may face costly vehicle repairs and medical bills. But an accident severe enough to cause a brain injury can lead to disability, financial instability, and emotional trauma.

If you’ve suffered a brain injury from a car accident caused by a negligent driver, you may be entitled to compensation. A concussion or other head injury can negatively affect all your relationships, as well as your ability to work and complete daily functions.

The person responsible for your injury should be held accountable. An attorney with the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo will fight to get you a full and fair settlement.

Common Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can range from minor to severe and are alarmingly common. Some common brain injuries include the following:

  • Bruising: When the brain moves forcefully inside the skull, brain bruising can occur.
  • Concussion: A concussion occurs when you suffer a blow to the head. These injuries can lead to trouble thinking clearly, feeling sluggish, and memory problems.
  • Tearing: When tearing occurs, the brain suffers damage to its nerves. This can impair bodily functions.
  • Swelling: When the brain swells, it can cause intracranial pressure. Increased intracranial pressure can lead to stroke, neurological problems, seizures, or even death.

It’s important to receive medical treatment after your head injury for two reasons: These injuries can be life-threatening, and you’ll want medical records to back up your claim for compensation.

Determining Claim Value

The first thing your lawyer will do is review the details of your case. He will examine evidence like police reports, traffic videos, and witness accounts to determine who is at fault

If the other driver was engaged in negligent behavior—such as drunk or distracted driving, speeding, or blatantly disregarding traffic laws—your attorney will work to hold him or her accountable.

If a defective auto part contributed to your injury, your attorney may bring a product liability claim against the car’s manufacturer.

The effects of your car accident brain injury will also determine the value of your settlement. Your settlement may cover hardships like lost wages or inability to work, medical bills, physical therapy, and pain and suffering.

Reach Out to a Lawyer

After a car accident that causes a brain injury, a West Palm Beach car accident brain injury lawyer will seek justice for you. Contact the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo today by calling 561-659-6366 or filling out our online contact form below.