How Does Auto Insurance Work in Florida?

Being in a car crash in Florida is a little different than being in a crash in most other states. That’s due to the fact that Florida uses a no-fault approach to handling car accident claims. No fault basically means that the law doesn’t care so much who caused the crash; each motorist must pay for their own injuries through their own insurance policies.

So, how does auto insurance work in Florida?

Insurance in Florida works similarly to other types of insurance in that you will submit your claim with your insurance provider and request payment of your damages. You can be compensated for lost wages and medical care costs, for the most part. If you elect to purchase additional coverage that pays for property damage, then your insurer will pay you for that, as well.

The Exception to Florida’s No-Fault Law

Some people don’t like these no-fault laws because it fails to hold accountable a driver who was being negligent. However, there is one exception that allows you to file an injury claim or lawsuit against an at-fault driver—in the case of serious injuries and extensive damages.

When your injuries are severe, you will have damages that likely exceed the limits set by your insurance policy. You could have tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills; you could be unable to earn an income due to permanent injury; you could be emotionally and mentally scarred for life.

You have a right to seek damages from the party that hurt you under the above-described circumstances. Filing a claim or lawsuit against a negligent driver in Florida can be a challenge, so it’s helpful to reach out to an injury attorney for help.

Get in Touch with an Auto Injury Lawyer in Florida

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