How Do Car Accident Court Proceedings Go?

Car crashes are traumatizing, emotional experiences. Many times, you’ll be in shock following your accident. You won’t know who caused the crash, and you may not even remember which direction you were traveling or where you were going. Everything is a blur, and when you’ve been seriously injured, the experience is far worse.

You might end up in the hospital with serious injuries, you may not be able to return to work right away, and you are probably wondering whether you can file a personal injury claim to recover your losses. If you have a fear of courtrooms, you may also wonder how car accident court proceedings usually go.

The Process of Auto Wreck Court Proceedings

Most vehicle collision personal injury claims will be resolved outside of the courtroom. Most of them can be resolved while still in the claim-filing process, and even if a lawsuit is filed, a settlement can usually be reached before the case is taken to court. Still, car crash cases do go to court on occasion.

Car accident lawsuits that go to court aren’t all that different from other court proceedings you’ve probably imagined:

Jury Selection

The first step is jury selection. During jury selection, both sides, the plaintiff’s team and the defendant’s team, get to ask the jury members questions to determine whether they would be biased.

Opening Statements

Next come opening statements. Both sides will give their arguments involving the events of the auto collision, as well as who they believe was responsible.

Plaintiff Presents Evidence

The plaintiff has the burden of proof in personal injury cases, and the plaintiff’s attorney will present evidence to prove the defendant’s negligence. Evidence can take the form of witness statements, police reports, doctors’ statements, and more.

Defendant Presents Evidence

The defendant will also present evidence in his or her defense. The defendant can use similar types of evidence.

Closing Arguments

The closing arguments will take place. These are a summary of the evidence presented. The attorneys will attempt to convince the jury that they’ve proven their side’s case.

Jury Deliberations

After both sides have finished closing arguments, the jury must decide the case. There is no time limit, and the jury can deliberate anywhere from an hour up to several days before reaching a verdict, although it usually won’t take that long.

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