A Defective Car Part Caused My Crash. Can I Sue?

When many people think of auto accidents, they often think that a driver is always to blame. This can, of course, be the case, but many times a factor outside of a driver’s control is the true cause of the accident. For example, if a driver’s brakes go out, causing that person to smash into you, do you really think the driver is to blame?

Could it be that the brakes weren’t properly created or installed, leading to the collision? If you suspect that something similar to this example occurred in your case, perhaps you’re thinking: A defective car part caused my crash. Can I sue?

The Liability of Auto Manufacturers

The public trusts auto manufacturers to design, create, and install auto parts that will work properly and keep us from harm. We depend on them to make vehicles that we will be safe traveling in. Manufacturers must adhere to a variety of regulations to ensure their products are safe.

If they fail to create a safe auto part and you are harmed because of it, you can hold the manufacturer liable. You can sue the manufacturer for your damages if you can prove that the defective auto part caused or contributed to your crash or crash-related injuries.

If you were involved in a collision, for example, and the airbag didn’t deploy the way it was supposed to, which caused you more injuries than you would have sustained otherwise, you could be able to sue for damages.

Do You Need Help from a Car Wreck Attorney?

Now you know that if a defective car part caused your crash, you can sue. Manufacturers must be held accountable for mistakes that harm the public; otherwise they would continue to make the same mistakes and hurt more people.

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