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Venus Williams Sued for Wrongful Death After Crash

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Tennis phenomenon Venus Williams is facing a wrongful death lawsuit after being involved in a crash that killed a passenger in the other vehicle. The incident, which happened in Palm Beach Gardens on June 9, didn’t become widely known until near the end of the month.

Williams, age thirty-seven, was not injured in the crash, but both the driver and the passenger of the car that struck her were. The passenger, a seventy-eight-year-old man, did not recover from his injuries and died about two weeks later.

Fault to Be Determined

Very few crashes that lead to personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits are simple, but the facts in this case might turn out to be more complicated than most. Shortly after the crash, the police report noted that Williams had violated the other vehicle’s right of way, which could make her at fault.

However, since that time, Palm Beach Gardens police have withdrawn that conclusion and now say fault is still to be determined. This is in part because new evidence shows that Williams might not have done anything wrong.

The police appear to have relied on one or more witness accounts that claimed Williams had rolled through a red light. But video evidence collected from nearby appears to show that Williams had a green light when she entered the intersection but was then forced to stop when another vehicle cut her off.

Once the way was clear, Williams proceeded. It was at that time that another vehicle appeared to enter the intersection and crash into Williams.

Traffic Rules at the Center

If it goes to trial, this case might focus on which driver, if any, violated traffic regulations. Williams’ lawyer argues that she did nothing wrong—that she was forced to stop by the vehicle that drove in front of her and that she then proceeded safely.

The lawyer for the plaintiff argues the opposite: His client entered the intersection with a green light, and Williams was violating his client’s right of way by being there.

What the facts are and who is right might ultimately be decided by a judge or jury. But our many years of experience with motor vehicle accident cases tell us that, if there’s one traffic rule most people don’t actually understand, it’s how right of way works.

For one thing, right of way isn’t something a driver is entitled to. On the contrary, it’s something a driver is obliged to yield to others.

Florida law is fairly specific on how right of way would normally be handled in a situation like this, but it may be some time before this case is resolved.

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