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Teen Loses Hand, Suffers Eye Injury After Being Tossed a Lit Firecracker

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A 13-year-old Fort Lauderdale boy was critically injured in a fireworks incident that blew off his right hand, and forced him to undergo eye surgery. According to his mother, Javonte McNair, a 7th grader at Sunrise Middle School, who plays youth football with the Northwest Broward Raiders, was injured about 5:30 p.m, as he rode his bicycle in the 1600 block of Northwest Ninth Avenue. McNair said her son was riding his bicycle to a friend’s house to pick up a glove for football practice when someone tossed a lit firecracker at him.

“He said they threw it at him,” McNair said. “They were running behind him, and he tried to hit it back.” The explosion severed Javonte’s right hand from his arm. The hand was taken with him to the hospital, but doctors were unable to reattach it. Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue first took the boy, and his hand, to Broward Health Medical Center as a trauma alert, said Deputy Fire Chief Timothy Heiser.

“He doesn’t have a hand,” said McNair, 38, of the youngest of her five children. “They did the best they could, but they were not able [to save it].” The extent of the injury to her son’s eye is unclear. “Basically, they are saying the eye crashed. Maybe has debris in it,” she said.

McNair said Javonte has been in and out of consciousness since the injuries. “He asks questions: ‘Mom, did they put my hand back on? Did they find my hand? Will I be able to play football?’

“I am trying to keep him in good spirits. But this is unbelievable. He tells me, ‘Mom, I’m strong.’ So I’m hoping that when he starts therapy he can take it.”

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