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Riviera Beach Woman Killed in Crash

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A West Palm Beach woman was changing a CD and drifted into another lane on Florida’s Turnpike near St. Cloud, causing a car accident that claimed the life of a Riviera Beach woman. The accident occurred around 2:50 p.m. as a 44-year-old woman was driving a 2001 Pontiac Firebird on the turnpike in the left lane. The other driver, I.H., 63, was driving a Chevy Sport Utility Vehicle in the right lane, according to a highway patrol press release.
The woman driving the Firebird admitted to changing the CD player when she drifted into the outside lane, hitting the left side of the victim’s car. The Firebird struck the guardrail but I.H.’s car flipped onto its roof, killing her on the scene of the accident. Distracted driving accidents account for thousands of motor vehicle accidents and collisions every year throughout the United States. If you have suffered personal injury from a car accident, a Palm Beach personal injury lawyer can help you seek compensation for your pain and suffering.
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