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Recognizing the Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

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One of the hardest decisions that a family can make is to place their loved one under the care of a nursing home. Many are fearful that their family member will not receive the level of attention that they deserve, and for good reasons. It seems like every other day there is a story in the news about a nursing home staff member being charged with neglect or inappropriate conduct, so it is not surprising that a number of people are wary of taking this step. Although these facilities were designed to manage the day-to-day care and treatment of elderly residents, one may never know what happens behind closed doors—especially when the victims are incapable of speaking up and/or stopping the abuse. For this reason, it is critical that all family members understand how to recognize the warning signs of nursing home abuse and neglect so that they can take the appropriate steps to intervene.

Nursing home abuse may take shape in a variety of different forms, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse and neglect. Some signs are easier to recognize than others, as there may be physical evidence to indicate that there is a problem in some cases, while others may provide no tangible evidence at all. For example, if you have noticed any lacerations, broken bones or bruising (including around the genital area), it may be more apparent that a staff member at the facility, or even a fellow resident, is handling your loved one in a rough or inappropriate manner. When a nursing home patient is being targeted emotionally, however, the signs may not be so easily detected. Even so, it is important to look out for any noticeable changes in behavior, weight or physical appearance—as this could indicate that a loved one has been neglected or emotionally abused.

If you have noticed any of these warning signs when visiting a loved one, or they have expressed concerns about the way that have been treated by the staff at the facility, you should not hesitate to take action. It is important that you have evidence to substantiate these claims, however, as it may be counteractive to make accusations without just reasoning. For this reason, it was may be smart to speak to an experienced lawyer about your case to figure out what steps you can take. By taking the time to contact a West Palm Beach personal injury attorney at The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, P.A., you can take advantage of a complimentary case evaluation. It won’t cost you a cent to tell us about your case, so do not hesitate to get started today bycalling the firm at (800) 690-7868.