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Life is fraught with risk, whether you’re hitting the road for a family vacation or just going about your everyday routine. Diseases, illnesses and accidents can dramatically impact your life. That’s why you have insurance. When you or a loved one become ill, you go to the doctor for a diagnosis and information on treatment. Your insurance should cover most of these, with the exception of clearly stated exclusions that you should be informed of at the outset. What do you do when your insurance denies your claim, though? Your only option might seem to be footing the bill for treatment on your own, but insurance attorneys can fight for your rights.

Bad Faith Insurance

When an insurance company denies a claim that should be covered, it’s called “bad faith”, and it happens far more often than you might think. In the end, insurance companies are not in business to protect you. They’re in business to earn a profit for their shareholders. They don’t do that by paying out on claims. The more claims a company honors, the more profit it loses. There’s a lot of pressure for these companies to boost profitability and cut costs by denying any claim possible. When that involves a previously disclosed exclusion, there’s little you can do. However, when it involves a claim that should be honored but isn’t, you have a case for bad faith.

However, this does not mean that all denied claims are viable bad faith or unfair claims handling cases. When an insurance company denies your claim, they will base their decision (or allege that their decision was based on) certain factors. These include:

  • The item was excluded in the language of the policy (this may be directly or indirectly, and insurance companies will use any loophole they can)
  • The insured did not pay premiums on time, resulting in a lapse of coverage (even a few days late on your payments can be grounds for this)
  • The injury isn’t inside the scope of coverage (this is a very broad allegation and can be used frequently)

What Can You Do?

When you pay for insurance, you expect that insurance to protect you. That’s why you bought the policy in the first place. The first step toward protecting yourself is to obviously read the exclusions and fine print very, very closely. Scrutinize it for any sign of ambiguity that a company might use to deny your claim, even on an item that is listed as being covered.

The second step is to have your case evaluated by experienced insurance attorneys. These experts have the knowledge, expertise and experience to determine whether your insurance company is in the right by denying your claim, or if you have a bad faith or unfair claims handling case on your hands.

Understand that most states in the country have adopted much stronger laws and regulations to protect policyholders. However, this does not stop insurance companies from attempting to deny legitimate claims. If they can convince you that your claim isn’t covered outside a court of law, they’re free to continue doing so. Only experienced insurance attorneys can help you determine who’s in the right here.

Insurance Lawsuits in West Palm Beach

At the law offices of Casey D. Shomo, our insurance attorneys have experience handling many types of insurance-related cases, from fraud to misleading and deceiving the policyholder. We have also represented clients in cases where the insurance company neglected or refused to fulfill their contractual obligation, and even conscious wrongdoing cases. Contact us today for a full consultation on your situation and we can help you determine the right course of action.