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Inlet Grove Bus Crash Leads to Hospitalization of Seven Students

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In a scary incident for students and school officials, a Palm Beach County School District bus with fifty-five high school aged students abroad struck and pinned a Lincoln LS to the median during the early Tuesday morning school commute. According to PBCSD officials, driver Michel Zamor, employed by the school district since 2007 as a driver or maintenance serviceperson, was cited in the aftermath of the accident by the Riviera Police with an infraction of careless driving.

The collision occurred at 7:40 in the morning, with the school bus driving northwards on Australian Avenue before preparing to turn east onto Blue Heron Boulevard. In the maneuver, the bus conducted a wide turn, striking, then pinning the vehicle to the median, while causing superficial injuries to both the driver and their young adolescent passenger. In what school officials are calling a decision done with excessive deference due to caution, seven students riding on the bus at the time of the accident were transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center complaining of various, but apparently minor complications following the crash. At the scene, Zamor tested negative for being under the influence of any substance per Florida law, as well as per the personnel rules set forth by the Palm Beach School District.

Filing a Lawsuit for a Bus Accident Injury in the State of Florida

Filing legal claims in a school bus accident causing personal injury case such as the one outlined above present a number of legal questions that injury victims and legal counsel must answer in cooperation with one another in order to file a viable claim, including:

  • Determining liable parties in bus crash accidents requires not only identifying the driver and his or her insurance company, but also legally-establishing that the driver was acting in the capacity of an agent or employee of the vehicle owner
  • Determinations of fault, and by extension, percentages of liability oftentimes are unclear, save for certain instances such as the one from above involving criminal or civil citations for law violations prior to an accident
  • In these instances, vehicle owners may be held vicariously liable as well for negligent actions involving the use of their vehicle while under the legally-permissible operation of an agent of the owner
  • In most bus accident cases, plaintiffs will be required to file a claim against a government entity of some form, whether state or municipal, as the owner or operators of a given bus.

However, filing personal injury and other claims against with or against state and local governments is a highly complex legal process, requiring immediate legal help. Negotiating claims or filing a lawsuit for personal injury related to municipally-owned business is exceptionally difficult for unexperienced litigants due to unfavorably short statutes of limitations and filing deadlines, which if not met, will bar injured parties from an otherwise expected and equitable damage award.