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How to Tell if an Insurance Settlement Offer Is Unfair

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You’ve been seriously injured in an accident caused by another party’s negligence, and now you want to seek damages, but how do you start? You know you need to file a claim for compensation, but how do you know you’ve received a fair settlement offer?

Discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer at our firm. We can do all the heavy lifting, including investigating your accident, gathering evidence, determining the total value of your claim, and negotiating with insurers.

Calculating the Value of Your Claim

The only way to be sure an offer from the insurance company is fair for your claim is to calculate the value yourself. When calculating a fair value for your injury claim, you must first come up with a list of all the losses you’ve suffered, both monetary and non-monetary. Common damages listed in these claims include the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Missed wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical therapy and mental health treatment
  • Caregiving costs
  • Disability

You can also include future losses in injury claims, such as the loss of your earning potential, future medical expenses, and future suffering.

Gather Your Evidence to Prove Your Losses

To get a fair offer from the insurance company, you not only must list your losses, but you must also have evidence to back up your claim. If the insurance company takes you seriously, you’ll have a much easier time getting the compensation you deserve.

To demonstrate your losses, provide the insurance company with as much documentation as you can. Here are some examples of evidence as it pertains to injuries and accidents:

  • Witness statements
  • Video surveillance of your accident
  • Police reports and other evidence demonstrating you didn’t cause your accident
  • Medical documentation of your injuries
  • Financial documentation of the cost of medical care
  • Financial documentation of all other accident-related costs
  • Proof of your emotional trauma and the pain you’ve experienced

How Can You Tell if the Settlement Offer is Unfair?

Now that you’ve documented your losses and gathered your evidence, you should have in mind a monetary amount that would be fair for your case. Does the insurance company’s offer come close to that amount? Is it way off the mark?

You must decide if the offer is something you can live with, or you can talk to your attorney about other ways to get what you’re owed for your injury.

Check with a West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyer

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo handle negotiations with insurance companies all the time. Our practical experience means we can spot an unfair settlement offer when we see one. To feel confident that you’re not being taken advantage of, contact a personal injury attorney at our office.

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