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Hospital Infections: Who’s Responsible?

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Leaving a hospital in worse shape than when you came in seems unlikely, but it’s an unfortunate reality for many people. Sometimes, this may be the result of an honest mistake, but when that mistake costs you your health and happiness, something must be done.

Typically, people have one main question when it comes to hospital infections: Who’s responsible? That answer isn’t usually a simple one—determining who caused an infection can be tricky. Luckily, our firm is ready to help you get to the bottom of your problem and get you the compensation you need.

Negligence and the Hospital

Hospitals are full of bacteria and viruses. After all, most sick people head to the hospital first, and many of them might not take proper precautions to avoid spreading germs. Likewise, medical tools come into contact with sick people constantly—catheters and other medical devices are easily contaminated.

Hospitals must be thorough to keep infectious diseases at bay, meaning that most items should be sterilized regularly, removed, or otherwise cleaned with specific methods. Unfortunately, not every hospital manages this well. Whether they’re understaffed, tired, or simply careless, hospital staff members sometimes cut corners, leaving you to deal with a dangerous and possibly deadly infection.

This kind of action or inaction is considered negligence, and if it caused your infection, you can hold the at-fault party accountable in court through a medical malpractice claim.

Determining Fault for Hospital Negligence

The exact cause of your infection could include a number of sources, depending on who was treating you and where the infection came from. In some cases, however, the exact person to cause your hospital infection may not matter.

Most medical practitioners are part of a larger group of doctors or are employees of the hospital, and this means that, while they’re responsible for your health, the legal responsibility to compensate you may fall on the hospital.

Like most employers, the hospital can be held responsible for the actions of its staff, and for your case, that means you may not have to search for a specific person to name in your claim. When building your claim, then, you’ll need to keep in mind who may be more broadly responsible for your damages.  

Getting Legal Help for Your Infection

A serious hospital infection can leave a lasting impact on your life, and if that infection was preventable, it can be especially frustrating and upsetting. That’s why we want to make sure you don’t do it alone.

At the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, we’re dedicated to making sure you know how to pursue compensation for your hospital infection. We understand the difficulties you may have with juggling your damaged health and your expenses, and we’re here to simplify the process.

If you’re interested in filing a medical malpractice claim or want more information, contact us. We offer free consultations so you’ll know exactly what you should expect from your case. Give us a call at 561-659-6366 or complete the online contact form below.