Helpful Home Safety Tips

Protect Your Family from Injury

Most people do not realize how dangerous of a place their homes could actually be—especially with small children running around. Unfortunately, statistics show that home injuries account for a large number of accidental deaths in children, as nearly 21 million medical visits are made each year for home-related injuries. For this reason, it is important for all homeowners to be able to identify hazardous conditions and then take the proper precautionary measures to avoid the potential for injuries to occur on their premises. As such, the Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, P.A. has decided to compile a list of some of the dangerous conditions that can exist within the home, as well as some viable ways in which to remedy or eradicate them.

Swimming Pools:

Backyard swimming pools can provide a fun summer activity for children and adults alike, but in the off-season, or when a pool is not in use, it is important to make sure that the water is adequately covered or that the surrounding area is gated. This is especially important to do when children will be around. Drowning accidents take the lives of countless victims each year, but a large number of these deaths can be attributed to the improper supervision of children playing around open pools.

Family Pets:

Although many pet owners believe that their loving animal couldn’t hurt a fly, let alone a small child, dog bite injuries are sadly not an uncommon home-related injury. Statistics show that nearly 350,000 victims are treated in emergency rooms across the country each year for dog bite injuries. As such, it is important for all pet owners to make sure that small children are supervised whenever they are in the vicinity of a potentially dangerous animal—even if the pet does not have a history of violence.

Unsafe Walkways:

When a homeowner fails to maintain safe premises, his or her visitors can be subject to accidents like slip and fall accidents. For this reason, it is important to make sure that all walkways are clear of tripping hazards, that all spills or slippery surfaces are cleaned up immediately, and that every room is adequately lit. Slip, trip and fall accidents can have catastrophic consequences, such as head trauma, spinal cord injury and/or broken bones.

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Unfortunately, home-related accidents continue to happen at an astounding rate—even after implementing basic precautionary measures. When they do, however, the victim still maintains the right to pursue compensation for their injuries through a premises liability lawsuit against the responsible property owner. If you or your child has been injured due to the hazardous conditions of another person’s property, consult an attorney from our West Palm Beach personal injury law firm today to explore your legal options. For additional information about home safety, visit the resource pages that are listed below.

Helpful Resources

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  • American Red Cross
  • Council on Family Health
  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • National Safety Council