Handling Homeowners Insurance Claims Issues

You spent time researching the insurance company you chose for your homeowners policy, and you wanted to be sure you made all of the right decisions about your coverage. You may have held the policy for years without every making a claim, and then when you do put in a claim, you may find that all of your research did not reward you with a quality experience. In fact, you may find that the whole homeowners insurance claim process is unpleasant and difficult.

Why? According to Consumer Reports, “Home-loss claims are uncommon to begin with, and losses tend to be relatively small.” Few homeowners will be able to get recommendations or references from those they know simply because very few people ever have to make a claim and learn just how the process works…or doesn’t.

Additionally, with claims tending to be small, it ends up being those with the larger claims facing the biggest hurtles. Again, the Consumer Reports survey found that the homeowners with more than $30k in claims faced the most hurtles in getting the funds needed to repair their homes after a disaster seriously damaged it.

And while homeowners insurance claims can also be for injury liability coverage and personal injury, the vast majority tend to be repairs due to disaster. Unfortunately, in almost all cases, you may struggle to get the simplest and best outcome.

What Hurtles You Face

What sort of hurtles do the homeowners insurance claims face? There are several ways you might discover that your well-known and highly rated insurance company does not live up to its own boasting. For example, when filing a homeowners insurance claim, you may:

  • Wait days or weeks for an adjuster to appear and get your claim started.
  • Wait far too long for the funds to be delivered – forcing you to pay for repairs out of pocket or not at all.
  • Find that you have to haggle over coverage.
  • Have acceptable service only to get a notice of non-renewal when it is time to renew your policy because of a claim.
  • Discover that your mortgage company’s name is on the check and they only release funds as the work is completed.
  • Get a settlement that requires you to reopen later or file for additional sums.

On top of all of that, you may find you are in for a fight right from the start if the adjusters seem to feel that less damage was done or that the costs are far lower than you know them to be.

Of course, as stated, a natural disaster is not the only reason you may have to deal with your homeowners insurance company. You may also find yourself making a claim because of personal injury.

Personal Injury and Homeowners Insurance Claims

One of the most unsettling forms of liability is when you find yourself involved in a personal injury case. Some homeowners policies include coverage that protects you in the event of being sued for different forms of personal injury (this coverage can range from libel to invasion of privacy claims against you), and all tend to have injury coverage of various kinds. Though you choose the amount per incident to determine the overall cost of your coverage, you don’t actually play a role in any settlements.

So, whether you are struggling to get proper results after a disaster or because of an injury you sustained on someone’s property (or the reverse, and someone has been injured in your home), it is the homeowners insurance claim you need to make. Rather than running the risk of hardship and delays, you may want to work with an attorney as soon as you realize you must make a claim. They can work directly with the insurance firm’s attorneys to keep things going smoothly and prevent delays or even a court case.


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