Zofran Attorneys

Zofran is a drug that appears to be an exceptional pill with many extremely good uses. In general Zofran has been used as a sort of painkiller that focused specifically on getting rid of nausea, vomiting, and general sickness. These conditions often come with chemotherapy treatments for cancer or even just general post-surgery sickness. There’s nothing wrong with this use, and in fact in most instances it is still okay for patients in these situations to take Zofran.

The trouble started when Zofran started being marketed for other uses it was not FDA approved for. That’s when the problems followed. While it might seem like a natural jump to use Zofran for morning sickness, without proper testing there was no way to know what effects it might have on pregnant women. This led to tragic results, and lawsuits that followed as skilled medical malpractice or medical negligence attorneys took up the cases.

What Is Zofran?

According to WebMD Zofran is a drug that can be used by itself, or as part of a combination of drugs to help battle the nausea and sickness that often comes with cancer treatments like chemotherapy. On the surface this would make it easy to see why it’s such a popular drug and in high demand, but problems occurred when Zofran started being marketed as a way to prevent sickness that comes from being pregnant.

Allegedly the use of Zofran when pregnant has been linked to birth defects, and lawsuits were quick to follow. One of the main issues was that this drug was never meant to be used by pregnant women and hadn’t been tested for that purpose. The problem was there quickly seemed to be an abnormal amount of birth defects attached to women who used Zofran frequently during pregnancy.

What’s the Argument Behind the Lawsuits?

The main argument between the lawsuits is that negligence came from the parent company due to Zofran being marketed to pregnant women. Not only was Zofran never designed for that, but there wasn’t even clear data on if there were any side effects. Because of multiple instances of potential birth defects followed, the lawsuits allege that the safety of the mother and fetus weren’t even considered in the rush to more profits. If this is found to be true, it could constitute negligence.

According to Birth Injury Guide, more studies are being done both in the United States and Canada to gather data on the potential birth defects and see if a clear link can be more thoroughly established as more and more data is added to the overall pool.

Four of the most common birth defects being worried about are:

– Muscle and skeleton development anomalies

– Deformities of the mouth

– Jaundice

– Heart defects

A 2011 study by the CDC suggests that taking Zofran while pregnant can double the chances of a heart defect developing in the baby.

In Conclusion

There are more studies being done, and plenty of lawsuits being brought up based on the evidence that is already there. If you were pregnant and took Zofran and your child had birth defects, then it’s important to consider the possibility that you may need an experienced Zofran attorney to help guide you through your legal options. These cases can be tricky, but there’s also potential to get legal compensation for negligence.

Raising a child and being a good parent is difficult enough. If it turns out Zofran might be responsible for harming that precious life, shouldn’t the next step be to get the compensation you deserve to give them the best life possible?