Florida Benicar Attorneys

Modern medicine is responsible for a number of wonders, from curing common diseases to extending our lifespans. Medications help stave off debilitating conditions like heart disease and lethal ones like stroke. However, medical science is often a two-edged sword, and no cure is completely without side effects. Unfortunately, those side effects often outweigh the good these drugs do. Such is the case with Benicar, a drug developed to help combat high blood pressure.

About Benicar

Benicar was first released back in 2002, and was authorized by the FDA. It was not until 2013 that the FDA issued its first warning about the serious complications of the drug. Benicar is a pharmaceutical used to lower high blood pressure and combat hypertension, which is a contributing factor in heart disease, stroke and numerous other conditions. It was also sold under the name Olmesartan, and was developed by Forest Laboratories and Daiichi Sankyo. If that was all the drug did, things would be different, but a number of patients prescribed the drug found that it caused them serious intestinal upset, and Benicar lawsuits began shortly after the 2013 warning from the FDA.

The Side Effects of Benicar

As described in the numerous Benicar lawsuits, the drug creates a broad range of unwanted, uncomfortable and dangerous side effects. Severe intestinal problems were the most common, many of which mimicked Celiac disease, causing misdiagnoses. Some of the side effects of Benicar include the following:

  • Severe gastrointestinal pain
  • Severe diarrhea
  • Severe weight loss
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Malnutrition
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty swallowing

A study in 2013 found that the drug created severe sprue-like enteropathy. However, that was not the end of the findings. Several other studies have since been conducted linking the drug to:

  • An increased risk of death for diabetes patients
  • An increased risk of cancer in some patients
  • An increased risk of heart problems in some patients

The Rise of Benicar Lawsuits

The first Benicar lawsuits were filed in 2014, shortly after the FDA released its warning in 2013. The FDA escalated these from state-specific lawsuits to the national level, and more suits have been filed since then. The only regulatory action that has since been taken, other than the warning from the governing concerning the potential side effects, is that Benicar must now carry a warning label that clearly tells patients about the potential side effects they may experience while using the medication.

Obviously, this is a case of too little, too late, and the number of Benicar lawsuits is expected to grow as more and more patients come forward. However, the fate of those lawsuits is in the balance. Most of them claim that the manufacturer either knew or should have known about the side effects, and are suing for lost wages, lost time, medical costs and more.

Most Benicar lawsuits fall under the defective product category, which is part of product liability law. Patients pursuing these suits stand to gain compensation for injuries, and hold the manufacturer responsible for their actions. They can also see the product removed from the market completely, although this may not be the case with Benicar. Only time will tell how the legal system reacts to the influx of lawsuits and the findings of experts.

At the law offices of Casey D. Shomo, we have represented many clients in product liability suits, including medications. If you or a loved one has suffered the side effects of taking Benicar for blood pressure control, contact us for a full consultation on your case. You may be able to file your own suit in the hopes of recovering medical costs, lost pay and more.