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Dangerous Intersections in Boca Raton

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Intersections are one of the most high-risk spots for car accidents to occur. The U.S. Department of Transportation found that nearly 20 percent of all fatal injuries from car crashes in 2004 occurred at intersections. The Boca Raton area is very congested, which makes intersections even more dangerous for vehicle drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Some intersections in the Boca Raton area have proven to be more dangerous than others, mostly because they’re the busiest of all. These three intersections all occur on Glades Road, and the city needs to find ways to increase safety in these areas.

Glades Road and St. Andrew’s Boulevard

At Glades Road and St. Andrew’s Boulevard, the Town Center Mall produces significant traffic. Rush hour can also cause a pile-up of cars, and when drivers are rushing to get home, collisions can occur frequently. Cars try to beat yellow lights and end up running red lights, which is a major problem.

Pedestrians can get hit in the crosswalks if the signals don’t leave room in between lights for these mistakes to be made by drivers.  

Glades Road and Route 441

The intersection at Glades Road and Route 441 is another very dangerous area. In 2014, 96 crashes were reported at this crossing. There are shopping centers on each corner of this intersection, which causes congestion every day of the week.

Again, the main cause of accidents in this area is red-light running. When a driver tries to beat a yellow light, they speed up to do so. If they fail, they have to slam on their brakes. They can slam into the car in front of them, hit pedestrians in the crosswalk, or cause cars behind them to rear-end them. It’s never a good situation, and the city needs to crack down on this issue.

Glades Road and Airport Road

In 2014, 87 car accidents were reported at the intersection of Glades Road and Airport Road. This area is jammed particularly at morning and afternoon rush hours because Boca Raton High School and Florida Atlantic University are located here, as well as a shopping center. The I-95 interchange is close by, which adds traffic and makes drivers want to speed up.

Finding ways to reduce crowding in this area is essential to the safety of the city. Adding traffic cops during rush hour periods may be an effective way to decrease collisions, monitor speeding, and keep pedestrians safe during busier times.

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