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Can Traffic Camera Footage Be Evidence in My Car Accident Lawsuit?

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Intersections are one of the most common spots for car accidents to occur. Many collisions happen at intersections because there’s congestion in the area and drivers have to be trusted to follow the rules of the road. If one driver makes an error such as running a red light, speeding, turning too quickly, or failing to yield to an oncoming vehicle, disaster can strike for all drivers involved.

Traffic cameras have been installed at thousands of intersections throughout the nation as a way to regulate traffic conditions and hold drivers accountable for their mistakes on the road. Red-light cameras can take pictures of vehicles that speed through intersections or run red lights and fine them for breaking the law. Occasionally, this camera footage can be used in lawsuits.

At The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, our lawyers are experienced in working with law enforcement. If traffic footage is available in your intersection accident, we can investigate your case and work hard to make this evidence available. When there’s photographic proof of someone’s negligence, it should be used to your advantage.

Possible Photographic Evidence

Although most traffic cameras don’t record video, many cameras take pictures and can be useful to you in getting a license plate number and showing what the driver may have been doing as the wreck occurred. Although you may have the opportunity to take photos of your wreck after it happened, these pre-crash photos can be extremely valuable when trying to prove negligence.

A vast number of major intersections have red-light cameras, and police officials have taken the time to examine the most dangerous intersections in big cities to ensure these areas are monitored accordingly. If you live in Palm Beach County, Florida, for example, the intersection of West Boynton Beach Boulevard and North Congress Avenue has the highest crash rate in the county.

There’s a red-light camera that watches over this intersection and gives out a $158 fine to anyone who speeds through the intersection or runs the red light at any given time.

Accessing Traffic Camera Footage

Accessing traffic camera footage won’t always be an easy task, and having a car accident attorney by your side who knows the system will be essential. Your lawyer will work with police officials to obtain the traffic footage, and it can take time to find the footage you’re looking for.

Patience will be key while this evidence is being located. However, having this footage can be the key to winning your case. If photographs from the traffic camera help maximize your claim value, then waiting for the evidence to be obtained will be worth it in the end.

Reach Out to a Palm Beach County Car Accident Lawyer

If you live in Palm Beach County, Florida, it’s important to be aware at all times when driving on the road. There are many congested intersections as well as numerous reckless drivers out there. If you get injured in an accident, a lawyer from The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo can assist you with gathering the necessary evidence to hold the liable parties accountable and win your case.

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