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Can I Sue for a Missed Cancer Diagnosis?

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People have a very real fear of cancer and for good reason. Cancer is a leading cause of death in our world and, of course, most people would like to live as long as they’re able.

When you visit your doctor’s office because you aren’t feeling well, or for routine cancer screenings, you expect your doctor to provide you with a thorough examination to catch any illnesses or diseases you might have.

What happens if the doctor misdiagnoses or fails to diagnose an illness such as cancer? When that happens, you can become very sick because your cancer isn’t being treated right away. Some people even die because their doctors failed to diagnose their illnesses.

If your doctor failed to diagnose you of a serious illness that has been detrimental to your health and life, you have the right to sue them for damages.

Suing a Doctor for Medical Malpractice

In Florida, you are permitted to sue a doctor for causing you injury. Below are a few things you will need to prove in order for your case to move forward:

  • Duty of Care – You will first need to establish that a doctor-patient relationship existed, which means that the doctor in question did, in fact, treat you in a professional capacity.
  • Breach of Duty – Next, you will need to demonstrate that the doctor breached their professional duty to provide you with a high standard of care. If the care they provided you proves to be less than the care another doctor would have provided under similar circumstances, you would have a strong malpractice case.
  • Breach Caused Injury – You will need to prove that the breach of the doctor’s duty of care, or substandard medical treatment, is what caused your illness to be exacerbated. For instance, poor care on its own doesn’t qualify you to file a malpractice claim unless the poor care caused you further harm.
  • Damages – Finally, you must be able to prove that you suffered damages because of the poor treatment your medical practitioner provided you with. Damages can include things such as lost wages, medical bills, worsened illness, pain, trauma, and loss of quality of life.

How Cancer Can Affect Your Life

It’s no surprise to you that a delayed diagnosis can be a huge mistake. Cancer, when caught early, can be beaten. However, a delay or misdiagnosis can negatively affect your health. You are owed compensation when a doctor has failed to diagnose your cancer and failed to start treatment right away.

Partner with a Medical Negligence Lawyer

You have been greatly wronged if a doctor failed to diagnose your cancer. Your life is all you have, and it could have been compromised by a careless doctor. The doctor must be held accountable for negligence so that others aren’t harmed in the same way you were. Tell a lawyer about your medical negligence case during a free initial case assessment.

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